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What Type of Meat is in Your Dog Treats?

Beef & Lamb Meat Dog Treats

Do you know what kind of meat is in your dog’s favourite treats? If you purchased your treats from a supermarket or chain pet store, you might be shocked to find out that in addition to various animal by-products there are a lot of strange sounding ingredients you won’t recognise.

Your dog loves getting a delicious treat either as a reward for good behaviour, or as an occasional snack, yet they don’t need a tonne of preservatives and additives to go with it. That’s why Loyalty Pet Treats is proud to deliver the finest quality meat dog treats sourced from Australian grass-fed lamb and beef, without a mile-long, unpronounceable ingredient list.

Healthy Beef Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love

Some veterinarians have suggested that feeding your dog foods which consist primarily of high quality sources of protein may add years to their life. The goal of proper nutrition is to provide the body with the right nutrients that can be absorbed. When you purchase pet food or treats with tonnes of fillers, you are likely not providing the most balanced diet possible for your pet. Choosing healthy dog treats which are low in fat, or have higher levels of natural ‘good’ fat is likely a smarter choice for your furry friend.

Our beef dog treats offer a broad range of nutritional benefits for your pet. Using our patented Nutriseal™ process, we dehydrate the highest quality raw Queensland premium beef and lock in all the nutrients your dog needs. From our Australian Chewy Beef to our Tripe Meal Topper, all our beef products offer the closest thing you can give your dog to an all-raw diet and are totally digestible. Unlike many traditional beef treats, we use meat that you could safely eat, not factory rendered by-products with added flavourings to make them palatable.

Besides giving your dog an occasional treat as a surprise, you can also use our beef dog treats as the perfect training incentive! With a natural taste that dogs will do just about anything for, you’ll have them passing obedience training or doing tricks with ease.

Sensitive Stomachs Benefit from Lamb

Some dogs with food sensitivities are allergic to some protein sources such as beef. For these dogs, our lamb dog treats make an excellent hypoallergenic alternative to beef. Our Australian Prime Lamb treats are created using the same Nutriseal ™ process as our beef treats and offer the same range of nutritional benefits while being easier on your dog’s stomach. With fewer ingredients in our pet treats than in many store-bought types, there are also fewer potential allergens to concern you. Even cats seem to love our Lamb Puff Crispies- and you can rest assured that all of our treats are safe for them as well!

Both our beef and lamb dog treats can be bought either from our Queensland store on the Sunshine Coast or online and shipped anywhere throughout Australia. Loyalty Pet Treats manufactures all its products from the highest quality Australian meat and are 100% pure and natural. Why treat your dog to anything less than the very best?

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