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Benefits of Venison for dogs

Venison for Dogs

Venison – Did you know that Venison was once a common term for the meat of all sorts of game animals? Now we all understand the term to describe the meat and offal of deer. Venison is really worth a look when considering your pets health and quality of life.

Venison for dogs
Venison for Dogs

Venison is often overlooked when pet owners search for quality meats and treats for dogs. I believe this is because it is perceived to be akin to beef with no real differences or benefits to justify its purchase and inclusion in the diet. This is not the case at all! Deer is a wonderful, health boosting addition to your dogs’ diet.

But that’s not the only or even best reason to include Venison in your dogs’ diet.\


The fact that because its flavour and texture is reminiscent of beef makes it a more acceptable and palatable alternative – particularly for picky or timid eaters.


Imagine eating same thing over again. – Pets need an interesting diet too. Have you heard friends saying that their pet is off their food? Perhaps he’s over his standard fare. Pets with interesting diets really enjoy their mealtimes and look forward to it. Owners too love seeing their pets’ enthusiasm. The way to a dogs heart……


With 2% or less fat and cholesterol, packed with B group vitamins, zinc and iron, this is an amazingly good alternative for dogs with chicken or beef allergies. Its novel proteins are to thank for that. Great too for dogs who associate other foods with a previous illness – even if that food wasn’t the issue.

Pancreatitis and Gut Health

This also makes it an ideal inclusion for dogs suffering from pancreatitis, a sensitive gut, heart disease or obesity. So – like our kangaroo – it is super lean and hypoallergenic. If your pup must be on a restricted diet due to liver or kidney problems. Including a serve of Venison meal topper will jazz up a bland diet. Happy mealtimes!

Where to buy venison for dogs?

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