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Best Tripe Treats

There are so many pet treats on the market these days, that it’s difficult for most people to know which ones to choose. The main idea is that these treats should provide various benefits (vitamins, minerals, dental cleaning, etc.) while also not harm your pet in any way. So they should not contain chemicals, fillers or other dangerous ingredients. Tripe is becoming a popular natural health choice for pets and today we’ll see some of the best tripe treats.

Tripe Benefits

This is an edible offal from the stomach of farm animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs or goats. Tripe is a popular food in many parts of the world and it’s consumed in various dishes by humans. But it can also be beneficial for your pet if consumed properly.

Tripe contains protein, probiotics, enzymes, healthy fats and plenty of vitamins and minerals. Tripe treats can help your pet in many ways, including:

  • Dental health
  • To firm and shape stools
  • To increase vitality and energy
  • Aid digestion
  • Stimulate the appetite

Best Tripe Treats

So now let’s have a look at the best tripe treats in our store:

The Tripe Meal Topper

Tripe Powder

Feeding your pet with this topper is as close as it can get to feeding them a raw diet. The tripe is 100% pure and natural, easily digestible, unbleached and untreated, but also lightly rinsed to remove any unwanted bacteria.

This awesome tripe has 78,6% protein, so it’s beneficial for active pets and their muscle mass. Tripe is also known as a natural probiotic, and this is because it contains digestive enzymes. These enzymes help the digestion process by breaking down food into nutrients. The more enzymes there are available, the more vitamins and minerals your pet will absorb from food.

But this is not all, because the tripe itself also contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. It includes selenium which is a great antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals, improves the immune system and the creation of DNA. Tripe also contains the vitamin B12, which is important for forming DNA and red blood cells.

And least but not last, our awesome tripe also includes zinc, which is great for the immune system, wound healing, blood clotting, thyroid and insulin function, a good vision, reproduction and more. Zinc may even lower the risk of heart disease and cancer thanks to its antioxidant proprieties. Get yours now at this link.

Pure Tripe Untreated

Tripe Dog Treats – untreated

This tripe is also unbleached and untreated, but slightly rinsed with hot water to remove bacteria. Just like all of our products, this one too is made with the NutriesealTM process which preserves the taste, aroma and nutrients without the need of artificial flavours, colourings, fillers and additives.

This one also includes selenium, zinc, vitamin B12 and B3, and it’s a great source of protein. Order it now at this link.

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