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The Ultimate Healthy Pet Treats for Your Furry Friends

Welcome to Loyalty Pet Treats. All Loyalty Pet treats are manufactured at our Sunshine coast manufacturing plant; we are an Australian manufacturer committed to providing quality food products to its valued customers. Our range of dog treats , cat treats and tasty meal toppers are loved by pets around the country – even the fussy eaters. Have you ever looked at the ingredients list on your dog’s packaged treats, and not been able to pronounce what you see? Do you ever wish that your cat’s treats didn’t smell so awful? We understand. As pet owners, we’ve been there before too. Too many manufacturers treat dogs and cats as though they’ve got iron stomachs. If you’ve ever dealt with the aftermath of a poor quality meal or snack, you’ll know this isn’t true!

The Loyalty difference
We’re the only Australian pet treats manufacturer to use the exclusive Nutrieseal™ process, which dries pure lean meat at low humidity and low temperatures. By drying slowly and eliminating moisture, the end product retains as much nutritional value as possible. It’s the next best thing to feeding your pet fresh caught fish, market-fresh beef and other tasty meats.
With our Aussie pet health treats, you’re guaranteed a product that your pet will adore. Each product is:
100% Australian owned and operated
100% locally produced from Aussie meat
100% pure – no additives, fillers or substitutes
Your pet gives you unreserved loyalty. Give it back, with Loyalty Pet Treats.
For more information or assistance with your order, please contact our HQ direct on (07) 5499 7211. Alternatively, you can drop us a message online and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
Loyalty Pet Treats is happy to work with discerning pet supply stores that wish to stock out products. Wholesale healthy pet treats are available at great value rates. Please contact us for more details or to place your initial order.

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