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Involve your dog in Easter Fun – Safely

Involve your dog in Easter Fun

Your pets may look just adorable all dressed up for Easter fun and pictures taken make irresistible shares on social media!

Every pet is different and some thrive on the attention and fuss. However take a moment to consider that not every pet enjoys this game and some can become quite distressed – especially when the costumes sit on or goes over their head. If you are still keen for some dress up fun start with a colourful bandana and go from there..

(Note: Always supervise your dog while they wear anything other than a collar and be sure to remove the accessory if your dog seems uncomfortable.)

Chocolate Egg hunts- fun for the kids, dangerous for dogs!

If you’re having a traditional chocolate Easter egg hunt for the kids, make sure your dog is either safely secured or that the eggs aren’t hidden within his reach, to avoid any accidental eating of the chocolate! Also make sure none are left hidden because you know who will find them.

Chocolate Egg hunts- fun for the kids, dangerous for dogs! 
Set up a treasure hunt for your dog. Hide morsels of familiar treats, add some new special foods or much-loved toys and watch him sniff them out. He’ll love the game but most of all it’s your love and attention that will have them in doggy heaven.

And its not just Chocolate… Other foods can be dangerous for dogs. Onions, garlic chives, macadamia nuts, corn on the cob, avocado, alcohol, cooked bones grapes and raisins are all recognised as dangerous for dogs. These are all common at gatherings and delicious for us humans. So please keep an eye on your furry mate

Don’t forget Puss !

Regular scavenger hunts are a great way to engage with your cat. Games like these ensure Puss is staying active, smart, and curious about her surroundings. There are plenty of quality cat treats available to use. Introducing new flavours and different puzzle toys will keep the game fresh and stimulate your cats inner hunter

Plan an Easter themed one for more family fun!

Have a safe and Happy Easter from us all at Loyalty Pet Treats

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