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Treat Your Dog to Something New with Our Kangaroo Dog Treats

Kangaroo Pet Dog Treats

Your dog lives in a world dominated by his powerful sense of smell, which is closely connected with his ability to taste and appreciate the food and treats you provide him. If you have been feeding your dog the same diet day in and out, it may be time to excite his senses with one of Loyalty Pet Treats’ many kangaroo dog treats made in Australia and ready for shipment to your home.

The Tasty Benefits of Natural Kangaroo Dog Treats

Just like you would probably get bored with only one or two types of food available, if you’re feeding your dog only a few types of protein, they might also grow tired of the same routine. What’s worse is that your dog could potentially develop food allergies to a single protein type, leaving him with digestive problems, itchy skin, or other possible issues.

Many vets recommend adding variety to your dog’s diet, not just to keep your canine content but to also help treat or perhaps even prevent allergies from forming. Even in Australia, kangaroo meat is still a novel food offering for many dogs, so it makes an excellent treat to add some diversity to your dog’s diet.

Exotic proteins such as kangaroo are also more likely to be hypoallergenic, making them perfect for dogs with food sensitivities. Kangaroo is good for your dog as well! Our kangaroo pet treats are a healthy, low-fat alternative to conventional biscuits or human food offerings such as cheese.

Kangaroo Pet Treats Are Great to Chew, Too!

Besides being simply a great addition to your dog’s diet, kangaroo has other benefits as well. Kangaroo tendons, for example, are a naturally chewy treat which is high in protein and low in fat. Our Chewy Roo 100% Australian kangaroo dog treats are a safe and totally digestible chewy treat which helps clean your dog’s teeth and gums. The tough texture is great at scraping away plaque and preventing tartar build-up.

You probably know that most dogs love to chew, but some typical chewy treats can be downright dangerous for your dog if you are not careful. Rawhide treats, for example, may potentially get stuck in your dog’s intestines or lower your dog’s immunity, while other options such as deer antlers or goat horns have hard surfaces which could damage your dog’s teeth.

Thankfully, kangaroo dog treats are perfectly safe and will not harm your dog if swallowed. When you order some of our kangaroo dog treats, available Australia-wide, you will be able to watch your dog’s excitement with satisfaction, while knowing it is both safe and healthy for him.

Just like all our products, Loyalty Pet Treats’ kangaroo dog treats are entirely produced and manufactured right here in Australia and sold both at our shop and online. Every treat is made from the highest quality raw meat sourced from Australian abattoirs. We are a family-owned company deeply committed to making sure your dogs are happy and healthy, and just like you, we believe they deserve nothing short of the very best.

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