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Keep your pet happy & healthy this winter

Keep your pet happy & healthy this winter

The cold weather is on its way. We pull out our warm clothes, slow cookers and plan indoor activities where its cozy. It can be a wonderful time of year!

However, like our pets some of us suffer from low energy, health concerns and bouts of melancholy. It can result in a long yukky winter, we have some tips to Keep your pet happy & healthy this winter


If your pet is displaying changes in behavior or physical health. Check it out with your vet to make sure there are no underlying conditions.

Usually, it’s good news and there are lots of things we can do to alleviate the winter blues.

  1. Make sure you all get plenty of bright warm light. Try to get at least some exercise in the brightest part of the day. Artificial lights can work well too if necessary.
  2. Plan indoor games or book a doggy day care so your furry buddy can romp about with other dogs. Definite mood lifter for everyone!
  3. Do not forget lots of water. It is still just as necessary as in the warmer months.
  4. Diet. You know your pet best. Adjust calories up or down and stick to healthy treats.
  5. Supplement to soothe – itchy skin, stiff joints will all make for a grouchy pet…

We recommend the use of our large range of Meal Toppers to boost appetite and increase the nutritional punch of their regular diet.  We have meal toppers in Beef, Lamb, Chicken & Seafood. All made with single ingredient and 100% Natural. Add some warm water & mix through your dog’s kibble, to make it much tastier and flavourful while also increasing the nutritional value of the meal. Healthy & Natural!

Australian Fish Meal Topper

Chondroitin Meal Topper

Tripe Powder


Apart from the proven benefits for older animals and those suffering from arthritis or dysplasia. It has been suggested that they may also influence and enhance general wellbeing.

Keep your pet happy & healthy this winter!

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