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Lamb for Dogs

Lamb Treats for Dogs

Pets are part of our family, and their health and wellbeing is important. Australian Lamb Puff is arguably, one of the most popular treats for both dogs and cats.

Is lamb Good for Dogs?

Yes, lamb is good for dogs even more so when dried with our unique Nutrieseal low temperature (temperature controlled) and slow (time-controlled) process do not destroy the nutritional benefits of the Lamb. Using this technique for processing the lamb in a very gentle way, the natural flavour, and nutrition are preserved. The ultra-premium quality has not deteriorated and the taste to your pet is delicious.

Benefits of lamb for dogs!

Loyalty Pet Treats Lamb Puff, Lamb Puff Bites and Lamb Crispies are great for dogs and puppies, even cats.

Nutrieseal locks in and intensifies the flavour and the nutrition in the lamb.
Protein packed lamb helps to build, heal, and maintain body tissue and to protect and regulate body process.

Iron is for energy, great for the brain to function and ability to concentrate and learn.
Vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B12, for a healthy functioning body.
Zinc in lamb is an essential nutrient for the immune system and growth and development in young dogs.

Comparing Loyalty Pet Treats, to all other drying processes including freeze-dried treats, Loyalty Pet Treats are more nutrient-dense, higher in protein and lower in fat.

Lamb Puff

Lamb Puff Bites

Lamb Puff Crispies

Is lamb good for dogs with allergies?

If your Dog has intolerances to beef or chicken, then our Lamb Puff 100% pure lamb is still a novel protein that may suit your dog.

Is lamb good for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Loyalty Pet Treats manufactured lamb treats are the cleanest, healthiest, and tastiest choice, exceeding pet owners’ expectations. Our lamb puff is suitable for dogs with pancreatitis, it is low fat. We take the extra time to cut off as much as fat as possible from the raw product before drying. Always remember feed in moderation.

Lamb Treats are popular

Lamb Puff, Lamb Puff Bites and Lamb Puff Crispies are all very popular treats. Since the onset of Covid we have seen many changes to our supply of raw materials and lamb is one of those. Unfortunately, they don’t come how they use to. When we get the raw product in now, it is a two-week process from the start to the finish of our ultra-premium lamb treats.

  • The raw product must be dressed of all unwanted extras.
  • This involves thawing the product down.
  • Removing all fat & trachea.
  • Refreezing the product.
  • Slicing the product & loading onto trays.
  • Loading dehydrator.
  • Unload, bag & box the product.

So, if we started with 1kg of raw product. We would cut off on average 340 grams of waste that cannot be used. We are left with 660 grams to dry. 660 grams raw = to 153 grams dried.

The work that goes into producing the end premium lamb product we are known for is very time-consuming. But still worth it for pet parents and their pets that love our quality.

Why choose our natural lamb dog treats?

Sadly, on the other hand, what we are seeing out in the market is beef puff (lung) sold as lamb puff. Unfortunately for the average pet parent and businesses that repackage under their own brand when purchasing these products, would have no clue that they are not necessarily purchasing lamb. You purchase from what you believe is a reputable business and would be unaware of this dishonesty. Once again you can only believe what you read or are told.

Why would they do this? Beef lung as a raw product comes in to be processed most times, clean of all the added unusable extras and does not involve the extra hours of work lamb does.
FYI there is a big difference between beef and lamb. Beef is darker and has a grainy appearance with larger plumbing.

How to choose the right dog treats for your dog?

As a pet parent, you want to make the right choice for your dog and on a positive note, Loyalty Pet Treats will continue to take the time to do right by all pets. We have no reason to lie. We thrive on being at the forefront of authenticity and innovation in creating treats that are pure goodness in every bite. We guarantee all Loyalty Pet Treats are 100% Pure, 100% Natural, and have No Preservatives, No additives, and No chemicals.

All Loyalty Pet Treats are a guilt-free way to bond with your fur child, whether during training or as a snack between meals or you just having fun rewarding and loving your pet.

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