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The Ultimate Healthy reward for your pet. The ultimate in pure natural goodness and taste. “Loyalty Pet Treats” are made using the unique Nutrieseal™ process to dehydrate pure lean meat at low temperatures and humidity.

All Nutrieseal™ product is manufactured in compliance with Safe Food Queensland standards and principles.
Safe Food Queensland is audited & registered by the Queensland Government.
Our commitment ensures your pet will be rewarded with truly pure taste & goodness.

We can guarantee you Loyalty Pet Treats for dogs, cats and ferrets are 100% Pure, Genuine Australian, naturally healthy and highly nutritious, aromatic and flavoursome. All Loyalty Pet Treats are Australian manufactured

  • They are only Pure meat and or offal (not mixed or adulterated with any other substance or material)
  • Free from anything of a different, inferior, or contaminating kind
  • Processed with our patented Nutrieseal™ process
  • They are the only Nutrieseal™ processed pet treats in the world
  • They are Ultra- Premium high value treats
  • They are all low fat
  • They are high in nutrition
  • Most are high in protein
  • Free of impurities
  • Free of foreign elements
  • Containing nothing inappropriate or extraneous
  • Extremely healthy
  • They don’t have a horrible smell, they have a pleasant aroma
  • There are no additives
  • There are no preservatives
  • There is no sugar added
  • There is no salt added
  • There is no flavouring
  • There is no colouring
  • There are no binding agents
  • There is no MSG
  • If you’re not feeding Loyalty pet treats you’re not feeding the highest quality ultra- premium pure Australian pet treat.

Other treats can provide some motivation for your dog during training. But there are so many things to consider, taste, smell, ingredients: – origin of ingredients, origin of the manufacturer are all important factors, there is the right treat out there for every budget and palette! But do you really know where it came from & what it is made off?

Some treats are designed to enhance canine dental health. A favourite food can also provide encouragement and good behaviour.

If you love your fur babies you love to show them how special they are with an occasional healthy dog treat. These days there are many treats to choose from. But, how do you determine the right healthy treat for your dog?

You need to decide do I want a treat with additives, preservatives, sugar, salt, binding agents and all the other bits and pieces? Or genuine Australian pet treats that are pure 100% meat and or offal.

Many people say I like to feed high quality 100% Australian pet treats, but do they really know what the treat is made of and the origin of that treat? If you’re not feeding Loyalty pet treats you’re not feeding them the only Ultra- premium quality pure Australian pet treat in Australia.

In choosing a treat, it is important you consider your intended use, including how often you’ll offer treats, your dog’s age and overall health, e.g. any known food sensitivities.

Yes some trainers may tell you that greasy yummy roast chicken, kabana and cheese are high valued treats, but that is not always the case, especially with the risk they carry.

People get food poisoning, same as your dog but you probably don’t realise it. Oh they are a little off colour, have the runs, mmmm what could it be??

It does happen and you run that risk by the choices you make for your pet & yourself.

Human treats are not good for dogs.

Refer to our page http://www.loyaltypettreats.com.au/healthy-happy-pets/

At Loyalty Pet Treats, we love our dogs and we will not compromise on the quality of our Australian pet treats.


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