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Crocodile Pet Treats

Crocodile Meat is classed as an advanced novel protein, a superfood that is a high in protein to help the body to stay healthy and strong, low in cholesterol. A hypoallergenic meat that is suitable for dogs and cats with acute food allergies. If you have a pet that has allergies crocodile is ideal in an elimination diet. It is said crocodile has many health and skin benefits and may:

  • Help eliminate skin itching
  • Good for muscle health
  • Help reduce the risk of heart disease
  • The protein and amino acid contained in crocodile can help keep diabetes under control
  • Support for the circulatory system
  • The high protein can help the body stay healthy and strong
  • An excellent energy source
  • Help increase your pet’s body’s metabolism
  • Rich in vitamin B12 and B3
  • High in dietary fibre and a good source of naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids.
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