100% Australian Chicken Breast 2.1% Fat (100grams)

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Every dog or cat would love to get their mouths around our 100% human consumption chicken breast nibbles. Buy some and see why everyone loves it.

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We are so proud and love our 100% Australian Chicken Breast Nibbles it has only 2.1% FAT. It is the very, very best you can buy for your pet. There is not a dog or cat out there that wouldn’t go crazy for our chicken.  Oh yes you can feed it to cats certainly no issues there.  It is guaranteed 100% Australian chicken breast, you pay for what you get and with LPT you are paying for 100% HUMAN CONSUMPTION CHICKEN BREAST MEAT. Not greasy, not fatty perfect in everyday. You can break into small pieces if required, a great chew that will have your pet feeling very contented and waning more. Great for training definitely a positive reward.  The feedback we get is astonishing, pancreatitis pup love it and you dont have to feel guilty and worry about over feeding. It is so low in fat you can have comfort in knowing you are feeding a treat that is super healthy full of flavour and nutritional.



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