Australian Roo Ribs

Australian Roo Ribs

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Our Australian made Loyalty Pet Treats Roo Ribs promotes anti-inflammatory properties & enhances immunity.

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Product Description

Loved by every dog, they will salivate and celebrate with Loyalty Pet Treats Australian Roo Ribs.

Hand cut at every two to three ribs to give you better portion control.

You know your dog won’t want to stop at one. Libby & Ham our rescue greyhounds salivate at the site of them.  Our Roo Ribs have an aroma pleasing to both you & your dog due to our exclusive Nutrieseal™ process that also locks in the nutrition & flavour.  Our Nutrieseal™ process does NOT slow dry or cook, it is pure moisture extraction.

Kangaroo has up to 5 times the level of omega-6 fatty acid as compared to other meats.

Promotes anti-inflammatory properties & enhances immunity. It is high in protein, iron and zinc.


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