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Roo Ribs

Kangaroo Ribs - (400g, 1kg)

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Our Australian made Loyalty Pet Treats Kangaroo Ribs promotes anti-inflammatory properties & enhances immunity.


   Made using our Exclusive NUTRIESEAL® Process. Learn more

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made from 100% Australian Products

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Loved by every dog, they will salivate and celebrate with Loyalty Pet Treats Australian Kangaroo Ribs.

Hand cut at every two to three ribs to give you better portion control.

You know your dog won’t want to stop at one. Larry & Dotty our rescue greyhounds salivate at the site of them.  Our Kangaroo Ribs have an aroma pleasing to both you & your dog due to our exclusive Nutrieseal™ process that also locks in the nutrition & flavour.  Our Nutrieseal™ process does NOT slow dry or cook, it is pure moisture extraction through refrigeration.

Kangaroo has up to 5 times the level of omega-6 fatty acid as compared to other meats.

Promotes anti-inflammatory properties & enhances immunity. It is high in protein, iron and zinc.

10 reviews for Kangaroo Ribs

  1. Jennifer Moffatt

    Based on how much my dog loved the chews I tried these and she absolutely loves them. Probably her favourite!

  2. sue (verified owner)

    Two Hungarian Viszlas Love these ribs. It is their everyday toothbrush! Teeth have never looked better!

  3. T.Hargreaves (verified owner)

    My girl loves the roo ribs! Gets so excited about them. Her teeth seem much cleaner after this treat, thank you for a great product again!

  4. B Riordan (verified owner)

    What a great treat and if our lab could talk she would say ‘more please’ – lab’s are well mannered!

  5. simba2s (verified owner)

    Great product, my cavoodle loves these ribs. very easy to store as well. Thanks Loyalty Pets team

  6. nigel (verified owner)

    Great teeth cleaner and one of our top sellers. We find some customers are worried about giving them to their dog but just monitor when eating and see how much better your dogs teeth are in a few weeks

  7. Sue (verified owner)

    My cavoodle and my brother’s dog both love these. They chew on them until there is nothing left. Can highly recommend.

  8. Basil (verified owner)

    Our lab loves the ribs and knowing that they are good for her in so many ways makes it a win/win situation all round. Thank you Loyalty Pet Treats.

  9. Joy (verified owner)

    Just a quick update: Our Vet wanted to get Ling Lings teeth cleaned urgently (due to lots of build up and very bad breath) for the last 6 months but delayed it as her tummy was too sensitive from the bacteria from her mouth. Today when we went in for a check up and to see if it was safe to get her teeth cleaned the Vet said it was no longer needed! Her breath is no longer stinky and she’s more than happy to chew on the ribs for over an hour everyday. Thank you for saving Ling Lings health and teeth 🙂

  10. Joy (verified owner)

    My fussy Maltese loves these just as much as the Chew Roo Chews. Keeps her busy for an hour while I leave the house and does not upset her tummy. Loyalty Pet Treats are alway super fresh and high quality.

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400g, 1kg

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