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Fish Jerky - (400g, 1kg)

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Fish Jerky Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats.

Naturally healthy low-fat treat, Fish Jerky is an excellent source of lean protein and contains healthy fats called omega-3 essential fatty acids. Great for both dogs & cats.


Made using our Exclusive NUTRIESEAL® Process. Learn more

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients


Fish Jerky for all dogs and cats

Loyalty Pet Treats ultra-premium Fish Jerky is a healthy, delicious, 100% Australian aromatic, delightful training treat or snack. Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats.
We are the only manufacturer with our exclusive Nutrieseal® process. Our process intensifies all the natural protein, vitamins and minerals.
there is “NO denaturing” like other drying processes.
Our fish is caught in Australian waters in a dolphin-safe environment under strict Australian laws. We purchase directly from our local accredited export DAFF registered seafood processors.

What are the benefits of fish for dogs?

It is no secret that fish is an excellent source of lean protein. In addition, our Fish Jerky ultra-premium contains healthy fats called omega-3 essential fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are vital for the normal function of every system in the body, particularly the immune system. DHA and EPA have provided several health benefits, including skin improvement, cardiovascular health, anti-inflammatory effects, and brain-boosting power.
High selenium supports joint inflammation and arthritis, dry, itchy skin, recurring skin infections, ear infections, inflammatory bowel disease and more! Each piece of Loyalty Pet Treats ultra-premium Fish Jerky is a powerhouse of pure goodness.

Is fish jerky safe for dogs?

Yes, our Fish Jerky ultra-premium is safe for dogs and cats.
Some fish can have high levels of selenium. Please don’t panic, as the selenium binds with mercury and makes it unavailable to cause harm to the body. Selenium is critical to foetus & infant development. We do not process any deep-sea fish or oily fish like sardines. The Nutrieseal® process does not dry oil or fat; in general, you cannot dry oil or fat. Next time you see sardines, mullet or any oily fish, you can be assured that it has been cooked using a high-temperature process, as it is the only way to deal with oily fish. Cooking denatures the meat, and nutrients are lost.

Mercury levels in fish for dogs

Our fish jerky ultra-premium is 100% Australian.
All fish contain some methyl-mercury, but mercury occurs naturally in the environment. Most fish caught in Australian waters have very low mercury levels.

Airdried vs Freeze Dried vs Nutrieseal® fish treats

Nutrieseal® we use plastic food-grade trays to dry our Fish Jerky ultra-premium; our process is low-temperature moisture extraction through refrigeration. We use a computer-controlled system to gently extract the moisture to improve the nutritional yield of the product whilst also dealing with all harmful bacteria. Our fish treats are high in protein and low in fat.
Average protein 84%

Airdried most use metal racks to dry. Heat and high wind are used to dry the product. Many manufacturers who airdried make many claims of providing healthy products. We can tell you their end product is nowhere near our exceptional Nutrieseal® nutritional levels.
Average protein 62%

Freeze-dried: Freeze-dried is growing in popularity due to excellent marketing. What is not acknowledged is the shortfalls and limitations of freeze-drying. Feeding freeze-dried does come with risks. Freeze-dried is not a “Safe Food Practice”. The ingredient is not pasteurised. It has no way of dealing with bacteria in meats unless it has been cooked first.
Average protein 53 – 70%

Fish Jerky Ultra-Premium

  • Protein 79.9%
  • Fat 5%
  • Made in Australia
  • Australian fish
  • Ethically and sustainably processed
  • Suitable for both Dogs and Cats of All Ages

At Loyalty Pet Treats, we choose not to Google a generalised nutritional analysis (Typical Analysis) on our products. Our Guaranteed Analysis is exclusive to LPT Ultra Premium products at NATA registered laboratories, and our Guaranteed Analysis validates the effectiveness of our Nutrieseal™ process. This Guaranteed Analysis does not apply to any other form of drying on fish.

7 reviews for Fish Jerky

  1. Lisa Stanton (verified owner)

    Although our fur babies have been Loyal customers for years, we have only just discovered fish jerky and it could be a new fan favourite!

  2. Vivien Lee (verified owner)

    Both my dogs love this fish jerky. The smaller pieces are easily breakable, which I find useful for out and about training.

  3. Suzy (verified owner)

    The dogs love the smell and taste of these
    On the whole I find them easy to use for training, but some thicker pieces are hard to break up.

  4. Kerri sykes (verified owner)

    I only buy my two cocker spaniels their treats from loyalty pet treats. They love them so much they begin to drool waiting for me to get them out of the packet.
    The quality of the product and service from this company is always amazing, so happy that I am able to give My pets such delicious treats

  5. Louise

    The only thing not to like about this product is that it really tests if you love your pup. Are you willing to have fishy hands ? Again low fat, delicious treats cant go past them if you love your pup

  6. Jill Wake (verified owner)

    Have only just started with this, the dogs love it. I give as a treat or add a few bits to their dinner. Will get again.

  7. Lyn Boyer (verified owner)

    these are super popular with my dogs. Crunchy and yum, they tell me! Love supporting an Australian family business.

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400g, 1kg

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