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Tasty Trainers Fliver - (400g, 1kg)

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Australian Fliver is 100% pure natural fish and beef liver, no binding agents , no additives , no preservatives. An amazing Australian pet treat.

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made from 100% Australian Products

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Fliver is 100% pure natural fish and beef liver, no binding agents , no additives , no preservatives. An amazing Australian pet treat.

Surely there is no such person as a dog owner who never gives his or her dog a treat. We all like to see our dog’s tail wag, and his face light up with attentive anticipation, right?

But how do you know that the treats you give him are healthy? It’s actually pretty simple. As with every food you buy (for yourself or your dog), it’s all about the ingredients.

Fliver is 100% pure Australian natural fish & beef liver and that is it, no binding agents, no additives, no preservatives, there are just two ingredients and that is fish and the other is liver.

Mouth-watering for your pet, easy to break into small pieces for training, but a crunchy chewy treat if feed in a large piece.

We know your pet will do anything for Fliver, “mum, dad what do you want me to do”? sit, stay, come, drop, be good ? Come on just give me more Fliver!!!!

6 reviews for Tasty Trainers Fliver

  1. Zoe_Chi (verified owner)

    Great neat treats that break off into smaller pieces super easy with little to no crumbs; I end up not doing that more often than i should admit though, because my dog loves them so much.

  2. Sarah S (verified owner)

    Great treat as they have a bit of a stronger smell, which the dogs love! They are quite thick, so not as easy to break into smaller pieces for training, but a great chunky reward for the bigger dogs! Excellent for recall training!

  3. Bethany (verified owner)

    My pup loves them! She can smell them from a distance and will always pick the treat over any other distraction.

  4. tannic99 (verified owner)

    My girls love these healthy treats. We use them daily for training and the girls really perform for them.
    We love the fact that they are preservative free and ,made locally in Australia.

  5. Marietta (verified owner)

    Tasty combination of Fish and Liver. My dog loves it!!

  6. Frances Hrdina (verified owner)

    My dog have use this treat for years and love it

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400g, 1kg

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