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Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb - (100g)

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Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats.

“Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb” is an Ultra-premium top-selling training treat exclusively made by Loyalty Pet Treats. Training your companion is easier with our Nutrieseal® processed, human-grade Australian lamb. Single protein treats with no additives, fillers, preservatives, grain, or binding agents. Easy to break and use as a positive high, valuable reward or as a snack, we know they will love them.

Made using our Exclusive NUTRIESEAL® Process. Learn more

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients


The Best Lamb Dog Training Treats in Australia – with Health Benefits

You’re in for a real treat! Sit, stay and read….. Lamb Dog Training Treats is the purrfect treat!

Our Nutrieseal® Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb dog training treats are a game changer when used in training; they will get your pet’s attention every time. With dogs’ incredible sense of smell, they love what Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb has to offer. It is a simple treat or snack your pet will find intensely flavoursome, pure yum.

Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb is made exclusively with our Nutrieseal®. We are the only manufacturer in the world that makes this ultra-premium product.

Use a Training Treat with Health Benefits

Our priority is our commitment to manufacturing ultra-premium lamb dog training treat that improve your pet’s overall health. There are no hidden nasty’s additives, fillers, preservatives, grains, or binding agents.
There is no need for concerns about calorie counting; Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb is not a weight gainer for your pet, and it is low in fat and kind to pets with sensitive stomachs.

Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb is naturally a rich source of nutritional benefits. Now you can train your companion with a nutritious, high-value multivitamin, high in protein and packed with healthy fats and minerals.

We only use high-quality human-grade ingredients, which means more nutrients are absorbed by your pet and less into waste.

Best Lamb Dog Training Treats for Puppies – High Response

Invest in your puppies’ health by what you feed them and only use healthy, nutritious treats like Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb. Choosing the right treat can prevent the onset of diet-related diseases.
No other treats surpass our quality, smell, taste, or nutrition. We process and sell Australia’s safest, most healthy meat-based pet treats.

Choosing the Right Healthy Training Treat

Don’t put your pet at risk by your choice of training treat—no stinky or greasy treats. When training, your pet’s health, and your own should be prioritised. The (stinker the treat, the better) IS NOT TRUE! Stinky means something is not right with the product. If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it in your pets.

Refrigerated products for training are a health risk when put in a warm environment, your treat bag or pocket for some time.

Loyalty Pet Treats ultra-premium quality proves to those believers that stinky works best are wrong. Treats should have a pleasant & enticing aroma, and training treats should be safe for your pet to eat and safe for you to handle daily. The Tasty Trainers range of training treats is shelf stable, healthy, and nutritional, requiring no refrigeration.

Loyalty Pet Treats Ultra-Premium Lamb Dog Training Treat vs Freeze Dried Lamb Treats

Thousands of veterinary clinics across Australia use our Ultra-Premium Lamb Dog Training Treats, which are the preferred pet treats in their clinics.

Why? They are safe; veterinarians and veterinary assistants can handle Loyalty Pet Treats without the risk of bacteria and viruses causing sickness to their patients or themselves.

To start with the Nutrieseal® process, we only use high-quality human edible ingredients.
Our Nutrieseal® process ensures minimal interface with the raw product and kills those nasty airborne bacteria and viruses.

Nutrieseal® process is not like other forms of drying. When putting our lamb-guaranteed analysis up against freeze-dried research, Nutrieseal® is a winner without the risks.

Nutrieseal® Low fat vs Freeze Dried High-Fat

Freeze-dried products are high fat; you can freeze fat. Nutrieseal® is a high protein, low-fat process. We remove as much fat as possible before processing; fat never dries out as we only do pure moisture extraction.

Freeze-drying is one of the best techniques for preserving pathogens like Salmonella, E. coli and Listeria.

The process does not kill or eliminate any bacteria or viruses around the meat. Instead, freeze-drying puts the germs into a hibernation state.

Freeze-drying is food preservation, who cares if it can have a shelf life of 25 years in an unopened bag. You are buying it to feed your pet, not store it for the next 25 years.

What you want to know is will it be safe for my pet when I open the bag? As freeze-drying doesn’t kill bacteria (good or bad), cooking the lamb first and then freeze-drying is the only way you can be assured there are no nasties alive. Even with high-pressure pasteurisation (HPP) freeze-dried dog treats or foods, there is no guarantee of saying goodbye to those harmful pathogens.

Why are Loyalty Pet Treats the best?

Loyalty Pet Treats are a safe, natural choice for your dog’s and cat’s tummy.
Best of all, Nutrieseal® lamb treats are first-rate nutrition.

You be the judge or let your pet decide.

Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb Ultra-Premium

  • Protein 61.1% Fat 7.4%
  • Made in Australia
  • Australian Grown Lamb
  • Suitable for both Dogs and Cats of All Ages

Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb Ultra-Premium comes in varying shapes and sizes.

At Loyalty Pet Treats, we choose not to Google a generalised nutritional analysis (Typical Analysis) on our products. Our Guaranteed Analysis is on LPT Ultra-Premium products at NATA registered laboratories, and our Guaranteed Analysis validates the effectiveness of our Nutrieseal® process. This Guaranteed Analysis does not apply to any other form of drying on lamb lungs & livers.

3 reviews for Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb

  1. Kim Abrahams-Welsby (verified owner)

    The Tasty Lamb Trainers are fabulous! My puppy loves them so he is really motivated in his training. They are very easy to handle and break up well. I’ll certainly be ordering them again.

  2. Karen

    Talk about value for money! I purchased the 400g bag which will last a long time. My dogs just love them

  3. tannic99

    My girls love these Tasty Lamb Trainers and so do I. They have a nice texture that I fond easy to break into smaller pieces and use for training. The girls seem to enjoy them and their training is going well with them being motivated to perform the asked tasks.
    We have found all the Loyalty Pet Products to be of high quality and love the fact that they are healthy, preservative free and made locally in Australia. Oh and don’t forget they are well priced and value for Money.

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