Lamb Liver Morsels (100gram)

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There are dried livers and there are dried livers, then you have Loyalty Pet Treats Lamb Liver Morsels. Guaranteed our Lamb Liver Morsels are of a AAA +++ quality.  When you only want to spoil your pet with only the best has to be LPT.

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Our Lamb Liver Morsels are of AAA quality +++, you can not treat your pet to a more nutritious, pleasant smelling liver treat ever. We can boast that the smell of our lamb liver is so different to any other liver treat that has been cooked, smoked or oven dried. Nutrieseal™ dries pure meat to perfection. With all the nutrition and flavour locked in. When your pet deserves the best, Nutrieseal™  makes the difference and it is exclusive to LPT.


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