Lamb Puff Crispies (50grams)

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A treat that can be enjoyed and is loved by both cats and dogs. Perfect for pets with sensitive tummies. Great for training, so easy to break. There is not a pet that wont love this low fat treat.

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Value for money and perfection in a bag. Our Lamb Puff Crispies stand alone for their quality, aroma and flavour. No stink, just yum, yum, yum. Watch you pets eyes never leave your hand as this is an attention-grabbing positive reinforcement 100% meat treat. We absolutely hate fat and we hate fat in our products we take the time & care to trim fat off  before we process our lamb. You can be reassured that your pet is getting a low fat, flavoursome and nutritional treat that wont make him or her fat.                                                                          Loyalty Pet Treats lamb is…..                                                                                                High Protein – great for growing puppies & for weight control
High in Iron – for muscle energy
High in B group Vitamins – vital for strong muscles, good appetite                         and general health.
High in Zinc – essential for the immune system







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