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Lamb Puff - (400g, 1kg)

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Lamb Puff Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats.

Extremely popular for dogs and cats of all ages, easy to break into small pieces, and perfect as training treats. A wonderful choice for the toothless/gummy pet, as you can break into tiny pieces.

Our Puff being the lung which as a natural raw product is spongy, will absorb moisture and soften whilst in your pet’s mouth. Manufactured using Australian free range and naturally grass fed lamb.


Made using our Exclusive NUTRIESEAL® Process. Learn more

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients


Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats. Let your pet be the judge. The quality of our Ultra-Premium Lamb Puff is above & beyond all other similar lamb lungs/ crumble/puff/ cubes treats you will see on the market.

Ours is low in fat, has a very pleasant aroma and is high in nutrition; our process does not destroy the benefits of the raw product.

Our Puff makes the perfect training treats, they are easy to break into small pieces. Both dogs and cats do go crazy for ours! A perfect treat for the toothless/gummy pet.

Lamb Puff being the lung which as a natural raw product is spongy, will absorb moisture and soften whilst in your pet’s mouth. Manufactured using Australian free range and naturally grass fed lamb!

You know it is 100% Australian when it is a Loyalty Pet Treat.

  • Fat content is approximately 7.1%

23 reviews for Lamb Puff

  1. Raelene Stewart (verified owner)

    My Frenchies love the lamb puff! You have to be very careful of the types of treats you feed a Frenchie to prevent choke. These are soft and easy to break or cut and the dogs are always excited when they come out. So they are great for training or treats anytime. One has had pancreatitis and is more limited in what he can eat. I have confidence feeding the Loyalty Pet Treats lamb puff as a safe treat for him. I like how the website lets you know what is safe for a pet that has had pancreatitis.

  2. nperisa (verified owner)

    easy to break into pieces and high quality

  3. Anouk (verified owner)

    High quality, natural treats that my dogs love. The Lamb Puff is an easy and tasty training treat.

  4. Carolyn Golden (verified owner)

    I will only buy treats for my dogs from Loyalty Pet Treats. High quality, natural treats that the dogs go crazy for. Excellent service and speedy delivery of the products.

  5. Vicki McAndrew (Parvik Havanese)

    Loyalty Pet Treats are our favourite brand. Our Havanese love lamb puffs because they taste so good (obviously); and I love them because I can be confident of their purity and the quality of their nutrients (no nasty fillers). Their people provide excellent service too!

  6. Margery Rogers (verified owner)

    My dogs love the lamb puffs. Wish the fish fins were a bit smaller, very hard to cut and my dogs are small, but they love tham.

  7. Livia (verified owner)

    This one wins. These treats seem to be popular with cats as they are softer than the other ones. We really can see they are fresh and high quality, nothing nasty, just a very healthy and tasty snack. We recommend them for all cats!

  8. Pip Josephine Shepherdly (verified owner)

    great product. Dog loves them!

  9. Di & Suzy (verified owner)

    Lamb puff is the only treat our Suzy has ever liked. 12 months ago she developed congenital heart disease and was not expected to live. The only way we could get her to take her medication was with Lamb Puff – and we tried everything else. We now grind it into a powder to sprinkle onto the tablets. She now comes looking for her medication. Suzy has amazed her Cardiologist and has returned to excellent health. While we know that the medication is working, It would not have happened without Loyalty Treats natural (no added salt) Lamb Puff. Thank you so much!

  10. Betty Freeman

    My 4 dogs love these and I panic when I am running low on these . They last quite a long time as they are used as a treat only , not as a meal . I have 3 rescue dogs and 1 was a gift from a dear friend who seemed to think I needed 1 more dog . His reason ? He saw how much love my other dogs got and he wanted his dog’s puppy to have a great home . She has .

  11. Rhonda (verified owner)

    These Lamb Puffs are fantastic! They can be easily broken into smaller pieces to use as training reinforcement treats. The dogs don’t seem to get any bowel problems with eating the puffs. Give them a go. Your dog won’t look back.

  12. Suzanne Ward (verified owner)

    These are our daily treats for play, training & grooming. We have lots of bathing & daily grooming but dogs are frequently rewarded so behaviour is super. Once a friend looking after the dogs had to blow dry them unexpectedly after a storm & she soon worked out where the treats were in the grooming room as each dog kept staring at the tin until she got the message.

  13. nigel (verified owner)

    Our dogs and cats just love these. If I mistakenly leave some in my pocket our lot harass me until I give it up.

  14. tannic99 (verified owner)

    My two girls love their Lamb Puff Crispies. I have used these to train my Rescue Puppy who has come from an abusive background and found it hard to trust anyone. Although she is still work in progress, with the help of our Lamb Puff Crispies, it is making training a lot more easier as she works hard for the reward.

  15. honeyjeffs (verified owner)

    I can cut it in a little pieces for my dogs training! Awesome!!

  16. Karen Mazzarella (verified owner)

    My absolute favourite product! My dogs love these treats. They smell good, are light weight and not messy in my pocket. They are also easy to break into small pieces. The 1kg bag is the best value and far more economical than buying any of the rubbish that the supermarket sells. All natural and Australian made – what more can you ask for?

  17. Maggie-moo (verified owner)

    My mum bought me these all natural very very tasty treats recently. I REALLY love them, they are delicious and I will always do as I am told in order to get my little treat. Much better than the things mum used to bring home from the big shops.
    I know when she orders them online they arrive really quickly as I get to bark at the delivery man when he drops them off….. part of my job as household security.
    Thanks you Loyalty Pet Treats for making such yummy treats.
    Lots of love – Maggie the Lakeland Terrier in Perth

  18. Sheltie (verified owner)

    This is peefect for training as it can be broken in little pieces. Also it is natural and healthy!

  19. Lee Bryce

    These are my dogs favourite treats. I like that they snap easy for training and I don’t need to take an esky everywhere. I win lots of hearts with my friends and families dogs.

  20. mel

    I have yet to meet a dog (or cat) that refuses these treats. They make great training treats and the fact that I can feed them to my cat (he tends to join in our training sessions) without having to worry about whether they will harm him is a blessing. I am a dog trainer and am “crossing over” to using Loyalty Pet Treats almost exclusively. They have SO MUCH variety & cater for pets with dietary restrictions.
    Julie and David are very friendly and helpful. And while they will rush your order to you, I have never felt rushed while they have taken an order over the phone and answered all my questions. Great product and service, even if they are Queenslanders ;-P

  21. Sarah (verified owner)

    Sarah – my fur babies just love these! A great “training” treat – not that mine have to train too much to get a treat! LOL Julie and David are so helpful and willing to answer any queries one has with their products. It’s lovely to know all of their products are pure with no additives, and Australian made!

  22. Dj & Lucy

    This is a winner for us both. Safe sourcing. Natural processing. That’s what I love about everything LPT. Lucy loves the taste of the lamb puffs and I am very happy with the low odour. It doesn’t stink (so many other commercial treats smell horrible) and I can carry it in my pocket. That said, the dogs in the neighbourhood seem especially attracted to us when I am carrying LPT lamb puffs – they all know exactly which pocket to sniff! Thanks, LPT!

  23. karen6401

    I know why these are award winning lamb puff, compared to other lamb puff on the market this is No1, the smell, the look, Hannah will do anything for it.

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