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The Best Rewards for Dog Training

In order to successfully train a dog, you must have something that they desire and that you can control. If they don’t get any reward, they won’t have any motivation to do what they are asked to do. The best rewards for dog training that you can use are food, praise and play.

For commands such as sit, stay or walk, the food rewards work best. A common misconception says that only bad trainers need rewards, but this is definitely not true. Plenty of good trainers have used treats as a successful way to train pets.

The Best Rewards for Dog Training

Some treats are too dry, others are too hard and not rewarding enough for a dog to perform certain tasks that he doesn’t want to. If you want to get your furry friend really motivated by food, it needs to be something amazing!

The Best Rewards for Dog Training

How many treats to give your dog when training? This depends very much on the task at hand and on the way each dog responds. People may be very surprised to find out that some dogs require a treat every two seconds in order to get their full attention and make them do what they were asked.

Training takes a lot of patience, a lot of time, consistency and also some delicious treats. Here are our best-selling ones:

Fliver (Fish & Liver)

Thanks to our unique patented process, this product is 100% pure natural fish and liver, with no added preservatives or binding agents. This treat is not only delicious and appreciated by puppies, but it’s also healthy. It contains plenty of nutrients that will make your beloved friend to have a happy and healthy life. But it will also help you in the training process. Your dog will love our Fliver! Get it now at this link.

Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb or Pure Beef

This treat for dog training is made of pure and premium Australian lamb. It tastes and smells great, and it’s also packed with nutrients. Thanks to its pleasant natural smell, your pup will immediately feel that it is about to get something delicious, thus responding to training and orders.

It is also easy to break into small pieces, so it can last for longer in case your dog needs a lot of treats to obey commands. It’s easy to keep on your pocket or bag of treats and also low in fats.

While some trainers are using fresh meat or cheese for training, this is not recommended. Yes, the dog will love these rewards and will perform the required tasks, but they carry the risk of bacterial infections and can cause illness. So forget about meat and cheese and try our Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb or Pure Beef treats at this link.

Tasty Trainers Reef Beef

This quality reward for dog training is healthy, delicious, low in fat and easy to break into small pieces. No greasy fingers, a successful training session and a satisfied dog…this is what you will get with the Tasty Trainers Reef Beef. Get it now at this link.

So now that you know which are the best rewards for dog training, your life will be so much easier!

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