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The Best Treats to Clean Dog Teeth

Just as we develop cavities and dental problems as humans, so do our beloved furry friends. If you’ve ever been through the hell of having a hurting tooth, you definitely don’t want your dog to go through that. Oral hygiene is a critical aspect of dog care, but unfortunately dogs can’t brush their teeth. But what you can do to help them is to offer them special treats designed to clean them. Now let’s see what are the best treats to clean dog teeth.

The Best Treats To Clean Dog Teeth

Just as every human is different and has his own taste in food, so does our four-legged friends. Some like to gulp, some like to nibble, some like to lick, some just like to take their time & enjoy.

So no one can pick a certain dog treat and say that it’s the best in the world for cleaning the teeth of all dogs. The most important factor to take in consideration is the size of the animal. The bigger the dog, the bigger the treat.

The Best Treats to Clean Dog Teeth

For example, the Australian Pure Tripe is perfect for small dogs. It is made through an exclusive NutrisealTM process that does not destroy its nutritional values and it has multiple benefits for the puppies. It may improve the coat offering your dog more radiance and shine, maintain dental health, it may aid digestion, stimulate the appetite and increase vitality and energy levels.

The Chewy Roo

For larger dogs (but it’s actually great for dogs of all sizes), we recommend the Chewy Roo. This treat scratches off the plaque and prevents the build-up of tartar, it prevents destructive chewing and it helps the puppies get rid of the pain caused by growing teeth. It also toughens the gums and teeth and may even create a whiter smile. So by chewing on the Chewy Roo, your dog may avoid plaque and cavities.

Kangaroo Tail Tips

While your dog may not naturally want to hunt and eat a kangaroo, it will love our dried Kangaroo Tail Tips. Not only that they taste amazing, but they are also much healthier compared to other types of meat. Kangaroos usually have fewer diseases and parasites compared to the usual meat animals. Not only this, but they have a much smaller exposure to chemicals used in agriculture. This makes them safer and healthier for your pet.

Our Kangaroo Tail Tips are crunchy, healthy and delicious. They have a nice flavour that your dog will love, not causing rotting meat smells like other treats. Not only they are fun to chew for your puppy, but they will also help in cleaning its teeth. They are made through a unique NutrisealTM process, offering both flavour and nutrition. They are 100% made of kangaroo, and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives were added.

We have plenty of other awesome dog chews, and you can find them all on our website. If you care about the health and well-being of your dog, you shouldn’t ask yourself whether to buy dental chews or not. The real question should be which product to choose, and we have the best treats to clean dog teeth.

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