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What Are The Healthiest Dog Treats?

Treats are great for owners to give some extra love to their dogs, whether that is for dog training or with no purpose at all. Treats are fun, delicious and they strengthen the bond between the puppy and the owner. Some treats have various health benefits, vitamins and minerals, while others are good for cleaning their teeth. Almost anything can become a treat, whether that’s a biscuit, a piece of cheese, a dog snack or a piece of meat from your own plate. Some options are better than others, and in this article we’ll find out what are the healthiest dog treats?

What Makes A Dog Treat Healthy?

Unfortunately, many treats are high in fats, sugar and various colourings and preservatives. It’s quite easy to lose track of how many treats you give to your dog, especially when doing dog training and having to reward each positive action.

So the calories in treats can add up quickly and can lead to weight gain. Obesity can put the dogs at risk of various diseases, so if your dog has this problem you should look for low caloric treats.

Other dogs have sensitive stomachs and even pancreatitis, which makes table scraps a very bad choice for treats, as human food is usually high in fat. So if your dog is constantly begging at the table and it’s hard to resist, it’s better to keep it out of the kitchen when eating, or to give him low fat, healthy treats.

A healthy dog treat should:

– Have a great smell and taste (not according to your own tastes, but to those of dogs)
– Have nutrients, dental benefits or both
– Not include any added fillers, colourings or preservatives
– Be low in calories
Unfortunately, many dog treats do not fulfil all of these conditions, and are packed with preservatives and chemicals that can upset your dog’s stomach or cause other health issues.

What Are The Healthiest Dog Treats?

But there are plenty of healthy dog treats out there too, including the Loyalty Pet Treats. All products have one (maximum 2 ingredients) and they are free of any chemicals. They are made through a special process that preserves the taste and all the nutrients, without the need of preservatives.

We have plenty of meal toppers, tasty trainers and low fat treats, made of pure meat coming from beef, lamb, chicken, duck, kangaroo or sea food. Some of them include:

Sea Tail Chews

Fish cartilage has been used for thousands of years in the traditional Chinese medicine for its benefits on the immune system. This chew is both healthy and delicious, and it’s made 100% of Australian seafood. Get your Sea Tail Chews now!

Australian Beef Bits

This treat is suitable for both cats and dogs and it’s made 100% of Australian grass fed beef. It’s both healthy and delicious, and it’s easy to break when offered as a snack. It can also be used as a training treat, and your dog will just can’t wait those training sessions when he will receive the Australian Beef Bits.

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