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What Sets Loyalty Pet Treats Apart from Other Companies

The pet food industry is huge and there are countless companies out there that are producing all sorts of meals and treats for dogs. If you care about the health and wellbeing of your family, then you definitely want your pet to be healthy as well. So you are willing to invest in high quality products that bring benefits and not cause harm. In this article we will discuss about what sets Loyalty Pet Treats apart from other companies.

We are 100% Australian owned and we are built on honesty and integrity. What we do differently compared to our competition, is the way that we prepare and process the meat. We created a unique drying system called Nutrieseal™, which is also patented. This makes us the only company in the world to use this method.

What Sets Loyalty Pet Treats Apart from Other Companies

Traditional methods such as air drying and oven cooking draw air from the outside. But with our unique process, we dry the products in a hermetically sealed chamber, with no influences from outside.

Our Nutrieseal™ system sends a controlled airflow of continuously purified air over the product, extracting the moisture out of the meat. The automated low temperature control system monitors the temperatures throughout the whole process, varying so as not to denature or destroy the proteins, nutrition, flavor and aroma of the product.

What Sets Loyalty Pet Treats Apart from Other Companies

This allows us to produce premium quality treats each and every time, without having to add artificial flavours, colourings, additives or preservatives. With our unique Nutrieseal™ system we can dehydrate all sorts of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The end results are ultimately healthy, high in protein and nutrition, flavoursome meat treats, that will make your pet smile.

We can guarantee that there is no other treat in Australia that has our qualities for nutrition, flavour and aroma. Our mission is to help pet owners keep their pets healthy and to live a long and happy life. We have various types of products such as:

– Beef
– Healthy dog treats
– Kangaroo
– Lamb
– Low fat treats for pancreatitis
– Meal toppers
– Nutraceuticals
– Pet meals
– Poultry
– Pure Tripe
– Sea Food
– Tasty Trainers

So there is something for everyone in our store. We have foods for dogs and cats of all sizes, and for wallets of all sizes. We can guarantee all pet treats we sell are manufactured by us and we can assure you of their composition and quality!

In case you are wondering where do we get the meat and other ingredients, the answer would be: only from accredited Australian abattoirs and fisheries. We are accredited for what we do and our Nutrieseal™ process is patented.

We are manufacturers, and we only sell our own products. That means we never buy and resell treats from other companies. Compared to other drying methods, ours maintains the taste and all the nutrients of the meat, so your pet can be happy, satisfied about the taste and healthy on the long term.

So now you know what sets Loyalty Pet Treats apart from other companies. Try our products today and you won’t regret it!

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