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What Training Treats Are Best for a Puppy?

Reward based training is the process of giving your dog something they like (food, toys or attention) when they are doing a positive action that you enjoy or when you want to train them. In this article we’ll discuss more about this topic and find out what training treats are best for a puppy.

Training a dog with positive rewards means teaching it that good things happen when they make good choices. When getting a positive reward, they will associate it with whatever they were doing or just have done. While dog training is possible without treats, they do help a lot and make a big difference.

What Training Treats Are Best for a Puppy?

Just make sure to choose good treats made of high quality ingredients that your dog will really enjoy. If the treats are not good enough, your dog will not have enough motivation to do that task or trick once again.

So what makes a treat good for dog training? It needs to:

– Have a great smell and taste (not according to your own tastes but to those of your dog)
– Be easy to carry around, not need refrigeration (carrying some greasy cabana or cheese in the park on a hot summer day is not ok)
– Be easy to break in small bits
– Have protein and nutrients

What Training Treats Are Best For A Puppy?

And now, let’s have a look at our most popular treats for dog training, appreciated by clients, dog trainers and their beloved puppies:

Tasty Trainers Pure Beef

These delicious treats are made from Queensland premium beef and nothing else. And we actually mean it when we say that. Thanks to our patented Nutrieseal™ process, all the nutrients are maintained without the need of fillers and preservatives.

The Tasty Trainers Pure Beef are easy to carry around and also easy to break into small pieces. They have a natural smell that your dog will love, and plenty of protein and other nutrients. Unlike other commonly used treats for dog training that carry the risk of bacterial infections (like kabana, roast chicken or cheese), these treats are totally safe. Get them now!

Tasty Trainers Fliver

The unusual term of “Fliver” comes from the combination of fish and liver. And that’s about everything that this product contains. You won’t find any binding agents, additives or preservatives.

They can easily be broken into small bits and offered as treats for dog training, but they can also be used as larger chunks, becoming a crunchy chewy treat. They taste great and your puppy will become addicted. So get your Tasty Trainers Fliver now!

Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb

As you already got the idea by now, this product has just one ingredient: Australian premium lamb. That’s it! They are easy to break and carry around, they smell and taste great and your dog will love them.

Not only this, but it will motivate the puppy to perform the required tasks in order to receive more. They are easy to carry around, and will not leave everything covered in grease, like kabana or cheese. Get the Pure Lamb Tasty Trainers now!

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