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Why should you train your dog?

Training your Dog

A happier dog is a well-trained dog!

Is dog training necessary?

Having a dog brings with it many responsibilities. There are many reasons why it is crucial to train your dog. Helping your dog learn how to conduct themselves is one of the most important things you can do. Training is not only good for your dog but also good for you. Your dog needs to be able to function in society. They must be able to cope with other people, dogs, and a whole host of situations. If you don’t help your dog, they can start to display fear and other problem behaviours that can decrease their quality of life.

  • Spending time to “build a positive relationship” with them is one of the best ways to build a healthy relationship.
  • Help your dog to learn “life skills”; how to conduct themselves is one of the most important things you can do for them.

Importance of socialisation training a dog

Your main goal is to have a well-mannered dog “Increase Sociability”.

  • For your dog to behave well when you are meeting up with friends.
  • Not to have them jump on people or drag you down the road.
  • “Avoid problem behaviours” to cope with people and other dogs in many situations.
  • Return to you when called “Reliable recall” this is a crucial skill for anyone’s dog. If your dog does not learn the recall command well, you may find yourself in a very precarious situation.

Daily Dog Training

“Loyalty and companionship” owners who make time to teach their dogs to lead more fulfilling lives with their canines. Daily positive training helps promote a relationship. Guiding your dog to make the right choices and understanding what they require to be happy, will help increase the bond you both have.

What is positive reinforcement dog training?

Positive reinforcement in dog training involves rewarding your pet for the ‘correct’ behaviour or making good choices. It encourages your dog to repeat the ‘correct’ behaviour or choice. The reward can be treat or food-based, play with their favourite toy, or praised based with lots of fussing over them. 

Does positive reinforcement work?

Positive reinforcement works; dogs are eager to learn when rewards are involved. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for a job well done? Positive reinforcement is an excellent way for you both to bond.

Positive reinforcement dog training

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train a dog. Dogs that are trained using positive reinforcement methods are normally more tolerant, self-controlled, confident, and behave much more predictably in different situations.

Do Dogs Enjoy Training?

Training your dog is an important part of owning a dog. Training allows your dog to use his brain and keep mentally stimulated. Your dog will love that you can help them understand and communicate better and make the right choices no matter what situation. You dog will love spending time with their best human friend and strengthen your bond.

Training your dog is your obligation

Don’t embarrass your dog by taking them into a situation they are not prepared for. Don’t expect you dog to preform what they have not been taught! Your dog deserves the best and you can only get the best out of them by positive reinforcement training.

As a dog owner, your obligations when walking your dog or as a dog park user off leash or on the leash, you MUST always make sure:

  • The person responsible for the dog must be physically able to control them.
  • Your dog is always under your control; dogs must be near their owner and be responsive to their command (e.g., your dog will return to you when you call them).
  • Your dog is not a nuisance to other dogs and their owners (dogs must not chase people or other animals).
  • Dog does not chase or disturb birds or other wildlife.
  • If your dog shows signs of aggression or anti-social behaviour you must immediately leash them and remove them from the park.
  • Dog waste must be removed and disposed of properly.
  • Ensure the Council registration tag is worn.

A happier dog is a well-trained dog!

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