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We are always looking for new ways to reward our customers, just like we like to reward our pets. This is why we created ‘Loyalty Reward Points’.

For every dollar you spend you will be awarded 1 point, on your future purchases every point you have can be used for a discount, each point being worth 5 cents.

You will need to be logged in (this is how we save your points), so if you haven’t already created an account, do so here, or create one at the checkout on your next purchase.

Your Points wallet can be accessed when logged in under ‘my account’. Happy Shopping!


If you’re not a member join up by clicking here. Earn 50 Loyalty Points just for signing up.


Every order you make you earn a point per dollar spent. Earn 50 points just for leaving a product review!


Use your points to get discounts on any future orders. Each ‘Loyalty Point’ is worth 5 cents.

Reward Points & Sale Items

As we are a small company, we are not in a position to absorb loyalty reward points being used on discounted items.

Due to the platform that the site is built on, it will not accept a reward claim if you have discounted items in your cart along with non-discounted items. So please save your reward points for those times when sales are not available.

  • You cant earn or redeem Loyalty points with coupon codes
  • Loyalty Points can’t be on carts that contain Sale Items
  • Loyalty Points aren’t available to Wholesale Customers
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