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Here at Loyalty Pet Treats, we have plenty of products suited for diabetic dogs and cats with diabetes.

Treats for diabetic dogs

Having a pet with diabetes can be tough. The illness affects the quality of their life, and the way you should feed them can make all the difference. If your dog is diabetic, he needs a diet low in sugar or glucose. Choosing the right pet treats can help stabilise their blood sugar. Feeding the right food and treats is an important part of keeping your diabetic pet happy, healthy, and stable. We at Loyalty Pet Treats Ultra-premium have the right and best dog treats for your diabetic dog. 

Treats for diabetic cats

Choosing the appropriate cat treats for diabetic cats can be a nightmare. Loyalty Pet Treats can help. All our treats are suitable for diabetic cats.  It does come down to if your cat likes harder chews. Soft chews normally have additives which in most cases means sweeteners and they are a no for your diabetic cat. Loyalty Pet Treats Ultra-premium are pure and natural. No nasty additives, preservatives, they are all 100% meat or offal.

Here are some healthy treat suggestions for diabetic cats

All these treats are manufactured by your trusted pet treat manufacturer Loyalty Pet Treats

We have plenty more to choose from on our website, if you would have any question please go to the contact us page and email us your question, we are only to happy to help.

What are the best diabetic treats for dog?

No 1 priority for you and your pet should be that you can trust the brand you are purchasing. At Loyalty Pet Treats our treats are manufactured at our Queensland Safe Food Meat Accredited processing facility under the strictest food guidelines. All our raw products are sourced within Australia from accredited Australian processors. Our beef and lamb products are pasture-raised, grass-fed meats and all seafood wild-caught, making them the best and safest healthy treats for the diabetic dog.

Understanding food and treats and how it impacts your diabetic dog’s health can help you adopt a healthier lifestyle for your pet. Since all carbohydrates are converted into glucose once eaten, it’s important to know which foods are higher in carbs. By knowing what types of foods your diabetic dog can eat, you can prevent dangerous blood sugar peaks since the glycemic index is lower. With Loyalty Pet Treats, you can treat your diabetic dog with nutritional content that will leave them happy and satisfied for hours!

Which meats are OK for diabetic dogs?

The best choices of meats and offal for diabetic dogs are high-quality lean protein cuts, like poultry and fish. Even our kangaroo, lamb, beef, chicken, duck, and seafood meat and offal treats are a great source of high-quality protein for dogs with diabetes. Nearly all of Loyalty Pet Treats Ultra-premium products are low in fat and suitable for dogs with pancreatitis. Some treat companies use cheap fatty cuts of meat for their pet treats these can be too heavy in calories and have extreme fat levels. If the bag is greasy or the bag has not got a cloudy like view window making it not clear to see the actual product you may want to read more on the packaging to see what it does say or doesn’t say, get clarification from the seller or even better put the bag back on the shelf.
Loyalty Pet Treats can guarantee if we say our treats are low fat, they are low fat and are safe for dogs that have pancreatitis or diabetes.

  • Natural Treats for diabetic dogs
  • Natural treats for diabetic cats
  • All our treats are natural, our Nutrieseal® process guarantees that the nutrients are locked in to help your dog or cat maintain good health. We guarantee all our healthy natural treats are packed with:
  • Nutrients for growth and reproduction
  • Nutrients for maintenance

Loyalty Pet Treats Ultra-premium are all 100% meat or offal, unlike many pet treats ours have NO:

  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavours
  • No fillers
  • No preservatives
  • No gluten
  • No binding products
  • No Soy
  • No added salt

What foods should a diabetic dog avoid?

When feeding a diabetic dog, food with high amounts of simple sugars should be avoided. This includes table scraps that are fatty or anything that includes sugar or artificial sweeteners such as corn syrup (glycerol). There are some dog kibble and biscuits that fall into the “sugar-loaded” category.

Avoid all treats that have: Glycerin/glycerol”, Glycerin/glycerol is a sweetener. In pet stores check the ingredients list of the product, it is usually in very small writing. When purchasing treats at places like local markets you can innocently buy treats with glycerin as they may be sold as an individual item.

Treats that diabetic dogs should avoid

This is a small list of treats that a diabetic dog should avoid, but there are plenty more:

  • Chicken Lolly Pops
  • Chicken Tenderloins
  • Dental Chews
  • Rawhide Chicken Twist
  • Duck Tenders
  • Ducky Jerky (not Loyalty Pet Treats our Duck Jerky is 100% Australian duck meat, nothing added)
  • Many treats from outside of Australia are not suitable for dogs or cats that are diabetic

Always be sure to read the ingredients and nutritional information on these items before purchasing and offering them to your dog.

Since Covid many people are making treats from home or buying and repacking under their own brand. A majority would have no food processing accreditation in place or insurance. To be sure you are buying treats that are safe for your diabetic dog buy direct from the Safe Food meat processing accredited manufacturer, Loyalty Pet Treats.

Can my diabetic dog eat Tuna?

Tuna is a good source of lean protein and essential omega-3 fatty acids. Tuna contains high amounts of selenium, an antioxidant that promotes heart health through its anti-inflammatory properties and helps regulate diabetic dogs blood glucose levels. You cannot buy a healthier Tuna treat than Loyalty Pet Treats, it is an excellent choice for a diabetic dog, a protein 88.2% and a fat level of 1.2%. This analysis is applicable only to Loyalty Pet Treats Nutrieseal® processed dog treats and cat treats.

Chicken is safe for diabetic dogs

Dogs with diabetes do best on a high-protein diet that is relatively low in carbohydrates. Chicken is a healthy option and helps regulate blood sugar levels if fed in moderation with other types of protein. Not all chicken treats are the same, some have added glycerol. Loyalty Pet Treats are 100% chicken breast. Our Chicken Breast Jerky, Chicken Chippies and Chicken Nibbles have a protein level of 88.9% and a very low-fat level of 2.1%. All our chicken treats are suitable for dogs with pancreatitis as well.

Beef treats for dogs with diabetes

At Loyalty Pet Treats all our beef treats are a great source of lean protein and low fat. Our beef treats are 100% pure with no added extras. Our beef treats are made with only Australian beef! Completely natural 100% single protein with no additives, no fillers, no preservatives, grains, binding agents, and no artificial flavours or colouring.
Our Ultra-premium beef treats are highly palatable, and rich in flavours and nutrition. Our diabetic suitable beef treats include Beef Liver, Beef Puff Bites, Beef Sensations, Tasty Trainers Pure Beef, Tasty Trainers Fliver (beef and fish) and of course pizzles. So why don’t you head on over to our beef products page and you can see the range of products we have.

Are duck treats healthy for dogs

Duck is a high-protein food for dogs that can help maintain their weight and help control the symptoms of diabetes. Dogs who consume duck will benefit from its relatively low-fat content, and since it’s not an easy treat to find at your local pet store or have the Loyalty Pet Treats Ultra-premium quality. Including duck in their normal eating routine, can benefit their health. Duck also contains vitamin B3 which can help your dog’s glucose levels. Our duck treats are extremely popular, so we make sure we always have duck treats available.

Warning to diabetic pet parents

Our duck jerky, duck wings, duck feet and duck liver are all fantastic treat that are high in protein. There are many duck treats that are not suitable for dogs or cats with diabetes. Many contain glycerin or glycerol, which cause spikes in blood sugar levels. Check out our duck Jerky product and read some of the ingredients used in others companies duck products.

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