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Chicken Breast Chippies - (200g, 400g, 1kg)

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Chicken Breast Chippies Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats

Our chicken breast chippies treats are 100% Australian “human edible” 1st quality breast meat! Suitable for dogs and cats.

Made using our Exclusive NUTRIESEAL® Process. Learn more

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients


Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats. Our 100% Australian Low Fat Chicken Breast Chippies is only 2.1% fat suitable for pets with pancreatitis. Our chicken treats are “human edible” No1 quality breast meat!

Chicken is a rich source of a variety of essential nutrients & vitamins, which assist in strengthening the immune system of the body. With our exclusive Nutrieseal® process, we can create chicken breast chippies, which is a fat-burning powerhouse.

Our chicken breast chippies provides a wealth of health benefits to help your pet maintain good health. It gives your pet many essential vitamins, including E, B6 and B12. Plus plenty of the vitamins vital to healthy body functions, including riboflavin, niacin, thiamine and pantothenic acid. Minerals, which provide many health benefits in good numbers in just one serving. Phosphorus and selenium make up more than 20% of your pets recommended daily value.

There are also small but significant amounts of calcium, iron, potassium and zinc found in chicken breasts. Loyalty Pet Treats exclusive Nutrieseal® processed Low Fat Chicken Breast also gives your pets significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for a healthy body. Watch your fur babies go head over heels for the healthiest pure chicken breast chippies that they have ever eaten.

Oh yes, I am safe you can feed me to your cat all Loyalty pet treats are safe for your cat.

At Loyalty Pet Treats, we choose NOT to Google a generalised nutritional analysis on any of our products.

This analysis is done individually on LPT products at NATA registered laboratories.

Our analysis validates the effectiveness of our Nutrieseal® process.

This analysis does not apply to any other form of drying of these products.

  • Low Fat 2.1%  

Let us compare, the results are here, it is on their packaging!

Loyalty Pet Treats – Chicken Breast Chippies
Suitable for dogs & cats
Guaranteed Analysis
Protein 88.9%
Fat 2.1%
Fibre <0.1%
Moisture 7.1%

Freeze Dried Australia – Chicken Breast Chunks
Protein: 74.3%
Fat 5.3%
Fibre <0.1
Moisture 5%

Black Dog Chicken Breast Fillets
Origin: product of China
Ingredients: chicken breast meat, soy protein, glycerine (vegetable), salt, sorbitol, composite phosphates (450, 451, 452), vitamins c & e.
Protein 71%
Fat 3.9%
Fibre 2 %

Black Dog Australian Chicken Breast Fillets
Ingredients: 100% chicken breast meat, glycerine (vegetable).
Protein 71.0%
Fat 3.9%
Fibre 2.0%

Zeal free range Natural treats Chicken Fillets
Suitable for dogs & cats
Note this is a Typical Analysis
Protein 77.5%
Fat 8.0%
Fibre 0.5%
Moisture 10%

Evolution Naturals Roast Chicken Fillets
Note this is a Typical Analysis
Protein 74.1%%
Fat 16.3%
Fibre <0.1%

Natures Cuts Chicken Chews
Dog Food Only
Ingredients: 100% Aus Chicken, vegetable glycerine
Protein 40.0%
Fat 10.0%
Fibre 4%

39 reviews for Chicken Breast Chippies

  1. Ann Swiers (verified owner)

    My dog Candy also had Pancreatitis (in remission at the moment) and due to her (wet) diet of chicken, pumpkin & rice plus the chicken breast chippies which she loves, she is now thriving. It’s a big plus that the chippies are very low fat and no salt

  2. Ian Champion (verified owner)

    Our Cavoodle, Friday, has Pancreatitis and need to be very carefull with his diet and loves Chicken Breasts with their very low fat content so we can relax when he gets them.

  3. Lisa Manski (verified owner)

    Its great that its just chicken. My boy loves these super crunchy little treats.

  4. Jennepher Hooper (verified owner)

    My dog Sunny just loves these chippies. In fact out of all that we have tried these are definitely his favourite so I have them on auto-delivery.

  5. Dennis Ong (verified owner)

    Excellent , good quality product. Both my dogs love this treat, it smells heavenly and they go crazy over it! Thank you Loyalty Pets.

  6. Len (verified owner)

    Great product!!!

  7. Len (verified owner)

    Absolutely LOVE this. Both dogs go craazzy!

  8. Len (verified owner)

    LOVES this for treats!!

  9. Livia (verified owner)

    Not only dogs, but also cats go crazy for these! We love these healthy treats, they are the best Australian made. Julie is always very helpful. We will be back for more.

  10. Vicki McAndrew (Parvik Havanese)

    Loyalty Pet Treats are our favourite brand. Our Havanese love them because they taste so good (obviously); and I love them because I can be confident of their purity and the quality of their nutrients (no nasty fillers). Their people provide excellent service too!

  11. AliB Dobermama (verified owner)

    My two male Dobermanns Busta and Jagger absolutely love the Chicken Jerky treats. In fact Busta’s favourite food is barbecued chicken – so of course he loves this.

  12. Armond

    Recently we placed another order and Charlie our cat simply can’t get enough of this Chicken Breast Jerky. Charlie now sits in front of the cupboard waiting for his treat. We’ve ordered other items from Loyalty Pet Treats for some time now and keep coming back because of their service and the fact our cat Charlie absolutely loves their products. The delivery from QLD to SYD was incredibly fast too… A real pleasure to do business with.

  13. Sonja (verified owner)

    I work with Rescue dogs and see lots of dogs in the park everyday. Everybody loves this stuff , I go through a lot as I always have some with me in case I meet a fluffy friend. One of my dogs has acute and chronic pancreatitis , this is the only treat he can have and he loves it.
    Service is great , always quick with delivery and correct with their orders. Been a customer for years and will continue to be , thanks very much

  14. Diana (verified owner)

    My dog loves this chicken breast jerky. She is older now and doesn’t like anything hard to chew on and these pieces have just enough crunch but still soft enough for her to enjoy. I know I’m giving my girl a good, healthy treat with no fatty residue.

  15. Bernadette (verified owner)

    Chicken breast is another High Value treat in our house and the dogs will do anything to get some. So reassuring that all Loyalty treats are Australian – thanks for looking after our dogs so well!

  16. Joni Eaton

    My daughter and I have 5 cats between us, & they all drool over small pieces of the chicken treats.

  17. Michelle (verified owner)

    Our dog has a sensitive stomach and these treats are great. They can be broken up and used in small pieces for training, highly recommend.

  18. Len (verified owner)

    Should see the drool when she gets a treat!!!

  19. Anne Bidstrup (verified owner)

    My dog has a form of IBS and the chicken jerky is the FIRST and ONLY treat he’s been able to eat that he both tolerates (belly-wise) and absolutely LOVES! For anyone with a sensitive pup, this is a godsend! I will be back for more. And more!

  20. Louise

    Can recommend this product enough . We use it in puppy classes and I have yet to find a puppy who does not love it .

  21. Janeen Reutas (verified owner)

    My two rescued greyhounds get these treats too. They love them. I love the idea they are locally made and such great quality.

  22. Petra (verified owner)

    Our dogs love these chicken treats – perfect for a low fat snack!

  23. Petra (verified owner)

    Our dogs love the Tasty Lamb Trainers – perfect for a low fat treat.

  24. Len McKenzie (verified owner)

    Beagles LOVE IT!!!!!

  25. Len McKenzie (verified owner)

    Our dog absolutely loves this. She cant wait for this treats!!!

  26. Darlene (verified owner)

    Having 3 large dogs that are raw fed we only use products that are 100% natural, never had any problems with these and the dogs look forward to the delivery person with their treats

  27. Philip (verified owner)

    We decided to buy the Chicken Breast Jerky again and it has been a great success with our Cavoodle

  28. Philip (verified owner)

    Our Cavoodle has a sensitive tummy and could not digest treats. We were recommended by our vet to try the chicken breast which she enjoys without any adverse side effects.

  29. Diana (verified owner)

    My beautiful whippet loves the chicken breast . They are just the right size for her and I can break them in half easily if required. They aren’t fatty at all and because they are all natural I know I’m giving my darling the best.

  30. Maggie-moo (verified owner)

    My little terrier loves these treats….. she can’t get enough of them!
    I have passed them on to my sister and mother for their pets and have been told that the treats go down well in their households as well!
    Nice to know that the treat is only what it says it is… all high quality and natural – no nasties!

  31. Sheltie (verified owner)

    Super healthy and natural! My dogs love this product!!!

  32. SonjaBarks (verified owner)

    I love this product , it is fat free and loved by all dogs. I originally started buying the chicken breast treats for my Jack Russell who had acute pancreatitis and these were the only treats he could safely eat. Now I have a supply on me all the time for whenever I meet a new dog and want to give it a tasty treat and knowing it is all natural means i don’t have to worry if the dog has any food allergies.
    I work for dog rescue as do a number of my friends and these treats work wonders with any breed , i buy it by the kilo , regularly .

  33. Carmen (verified owner)

    Great product my two dogs have sensitive stomachs but these treats are great for that. Also low in fat which helps. Great that they come in bulk also

  34. Bahriye (verified owner)

    Our dog is ultra picky about what he eats and he enjoys these very much. We were able to replace potentially toxic treats made overseas that he was use to with these Australian made treats that are actually good for him…so he gets a bit extra 🙂 Just so glad he is happy with something. We went through all commercial brands. Cheers.

  35. Natalie scott (verified owner)

    I love this chicken for my little dog. She has a sensitive tummy, so I can give these to confidently knowing she wont be sick
    Love that its aussie made and no nasties

  36. Sarah (verified owner)

    Sarah – my fur babies just love these! A great “training” treat – not that mine have to train too much to get a treat! LOL Julie and David are so helpful and willing to answer any queries one has with their products. It’s lovely to know all of their products are pure with no additives, and Australian made!

  37. larcs0309 (verified owner)

    Only treat I give my two pups. Tried others that are greasy and brittle. Best on the market I have found…

  38. Mishelka

    My puppies simply adore chicken nibbles/jerky. Its a winner in their eyes/tastebuds.

  39. bordercollie1962

    What can I say about this chicken I bought this after seeing Loyalty Pet Treats at the National Agility Titles, now she can not get enough. You have made my dogs very happy.

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