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Meal Toppers

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Meal Toppers for Dogs & Cats

Our Cat and Dog food toppers have Premium Nutrition, Wellness, Enhance, Entice, Delight!

  • High quality premium nutrition
  • Personalise your pet’s meal
  • Create a unique culinary experience
  • Entice the finicky, older of infirm pet to eat
  • Functional way to enhance and delight
  • Improve palatability
  • Individualise you pets meal to their dietary and specific needs and requirements
  • Functional easy way to add variety
  • Mix and match your toppers
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Cat food toppers
  • Dog food toppers
  • For any carnivore
  • Mix it in or sprinkle on top

What are Loyalty Pet Treats Meal Toppers made from?

Our Toppers are not a bi-product or product from a rendering plant. They are:

  • 100% Meat
  • 100% Offal
  • 100% Seafood
  • All human quality product
  • They have absolutely nothing added: No fillers, No added colours, No added flavours, No preservatives

Loyalty Pet Treats Cat & Dog food toppers are:

  • Functional nutrition
  • High protein
  • High quality nutrition
  • Packed full of essential vitamins and minerals
  • All-Natural
  • Most are low fat

Loyalty Pet Treats Meal Toppers Health and Wellness Benefits

Depending on the topper of choice they may help in:

  • Support healthy skin and coats
  • Increase Energy and vitality
  • Boost protein intake
  • Boost Iron intake
  • Boost vitamin and mineral intake
  • Aid digestion
  • Strengthen bones and joints
  • Help take pain away
  • Help with inflammation

These are just a few benefits and there are many more how you pet can benefit from Loyalty Pet treats Ultra-Premium Toppers.

Why buy Loyalty Pet Treats Meal Toppers?

We can be trusted for the quality, and we guarantee all Cat & Dog food toppers are made by us from products sourced in Australia.

What sets Loyalty Pet Treats Meal Toppers apart?

What sets Loyalty Pet Treats Toppers apart is how we dry! Also, our care and attention to the quality and the products we choose to use. This shows in our finished products. Our quality raw materials and our totally unique dehydration process create a finished product that is unprecedented. That is why it is impossible to compare Loyalty Pet Treats to any other product on the market today. Because nothing comes close.

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