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What people say about Loyalty Pet Treats.

We have been working together with Loyalty Pet Treats for almost 5 years now and the product they offer is of the highest quality.Loyalty Pet Treat products are a delicious and healthy snack for pets, offering a wide range of nutritional benefits.Our customers’ continually comment on the high palatability of all products, even for the most fussiest of for legged friends.Even in the highly competitive Japanese pet food market Loyalty Pet Treats stands out as a leading brand of both quality and safety.We highly recommend Loyalty Pet Treat products to any businesses or pet lovers who want the best.

– “Adam Harrigan – Director Plus Impact Japan

Ziggy’s It’s Not About The Dog is a professional dog training business who have been going for 16 years. We are a big believers in only using completely Australian products in all our training with clients either puppy or private, we only use loyalty pet treats.Once a dog has tried a loyalty pet treat in class they turn their noses up at all other pet treats. We know that loyalty pet treats are trustworthy, and have strong ethics and integrity. We can be rest assured when using their products that they are completely all natural and an Australian product with a variety of flavours that your dog is bound to love.

– “Zigrid Phillips K9 Coach & The Voice for Dogs”

Thank You Loyalty Pet Treats for all goodies! My girls love them all….as soon I Open a bag they go crazy! Perfect for Dogshows and for training! Very crunchy and yummy -and so fresh- they seem to tell me!Best Regards from top winning greyhound female in dogshows 2015 Se UCH ( swedish Champion) SE JV-14 ( swedish junior Winner 2014) Sobers Uliana ( Brindle girl Leia) And redhead girl JEUW -15 ( European Junior Winner 2015) Nord JV-15 ( Nordic Junior Winner 2015) Sobers Xantia ( Sunny).

– “Owner Pernilla Holm, Saltsjöbaden ,Sweden.”

My 10 year old very picky Jack Russell and 6 year old Border Collie just love their Loyalty Pet Treats. There is nothing I have bought from LPT that they have turned their noses up at – including training treats (lamb puffs/roo liver), chewy roo, roo jerky and beef pizzles, to name a few. I like to support LPT as I know their products are genuine pure low fat Australian products sourced from reputable Australian producers. They have no additives or preservatives so I can confidently feed them to my best mates knowing they will not cause any upsets.

– “Chris (Gold Coast)”

Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club Inc (a positive reinforcement club) is a huge supporter of the Ultra-Premium Loyalty Pet Treats products. We know they are safe for our best friends as they are free from additives, preservatives or fillers and dehydrated from true 100% Australian products. Not only do our dogs love these treats, but our members can be confident that by giving their dogs Loyalty Pet Treats they are supporting a 100% Australian owned company as well as true Australian primary producers and fisheries.

– “Gold Coast Dog Obedience Club”

We have had Labradors for 45 years. My dogs compete in Obedience, Retrieving and Tracking competitions. I train my dogs using “Positive reinforcing methods” I use food as their rewards and a lot of it. I have been careful to make sure the food they get as rewards is good quality. I was making all my own dog treats until I discovered Loyalty Pet Treats. Now I do not need to worry about keeping the treats refrigerated. Recently we were away camping. Our dogs sleep in our vehicle when we are camping. We put the dogs to bed and went to bed ourselves. Shortly afterwards our young dog started barking. “She must want to go to the toilet” we thought. We get up and let her out of the car, but she gets out and then wants to go straight back to bed. She repeated this several times during the night. It dawned on me in the morning that she had been training the humans. Each time she jumps in the car she gets a treat. She likes the Yummy Tummy fish treats so much she worked out a way of getting a few more.

– “Jackie D (Deception Bay)”

A huge thank you to the team at Loyalty Pet Treats for the wonderful service and treats you provide for my little man. Paddington is so happy and healthy (such beautiful white teeth) due to them. He dances around the lounge room until he gets his Pizzle after his meal. It’s now just part of his routine. The Beef bits have been good training treats, he just loves them. The roo chews are a hit too. Really there is nothing that I’ve purchased to “give it a go” that he hasn’t liked. After my visit to see the factory, I have no doubts about giving my little fur friend anything that is produced by Loyalty Pet Treats.

– “Vicki-anne (Tewantin) “

Many of our Flyball team only buy and feed Loyalty Pet Treats. When Whisper wants something to chew on his mum only feed ultra-premium treats from Loyalty Pet Treats! Why? Only pure human grade meats dehydrated, nothing added, only the moisture taken out, pure indulgence for Whisper! Family Owned, Australian Made!

– “Rodney Gooch “

Icon, Tarlee, Shay (a friends dog) and Panda they just love there 100% Australian made and owned treats from Loyalty Pet Treats, knowing that they are 100% natural makes it for a healthy treat…We love the fact Loyalty has such a great variety of treats. My girls along with their good friend Shay just love the Pizzles and Fliver treats…and Meal toppers for their dinners adds great flavour to their dinner…Thanks Loyalty for such wonderful treats….
Face book page: –Orange Crush Flyball Queensland

– “Jane T”

I originally discovered Loyalty Pet treats over a decade ago with my last poodle Sofee. It was fantastic to find a real food treat that was wholly Australian grown & made with no grains, fillers, by-products or other nasty things.
My new poodle Bindi has benefitted from our discovery & has grown up on these treats.
She has a whole collection of various things for different scenarios – whether she’s in a high powered chewy mood (pizzles, fish twists & chewy roo) a crunchy mood (lamb/beef puff, seafood chips, tripe, roo tubes, shark cartilage) or if I want some quiet time & stuff a kong (beef trainer) Recently she’s even learning to surf with a treat container packed with puff for inspiration!
I have even gotten my boss at the Veterinary Hospital I work at to try these treats, the beef & lamb puff is a total hit with the patients as bribery while they’re at the vets & as a reward afterwards – a lot of the dogs don’t even notice they’re getting a needle, they’re so busy munching on puff!
Do your pets a favour & try these wonderful treats for yourself, they come in a massive range for the most discerning taste.

– “Jodie Engadine”

I been giving Loyalty Pet Treats to my German shepherd kids for many years now and they are the only brand/company I trust to provide me with what it claims to be… all natural, preservative/additive free and made here in Australia from Australian products.
My current two dogs have trained us well. They know exactly what time it is and will at lunchtime and for their evening after dinner treat go to the pantry door and nicely stand there waiting. If we take too long to open the door, they will open it themselves and then they will stand inside and just stare at the treats in question. Many times I’ve gone looking for the dogs only to realise they are inside the pantry… just waiting. Bear, our big black shepherd will eventually give one woof if we take too long. Mind you he can reach these treats but he’s too much a gentleman to help himself.
And we give them choices, Bear loves his roo jerky and prefers it to bully sticks and you can switch hands, make it more attractive, anything and everything but you present him with a bully stick and he will turn his head away and refuse it. You present him with a roo jerky and he gently takes it from your hand and walks out of the pantry and enjoys it.
But seriously, I have tried other brands, be it cheaper or more accessible (they are in QLD whilst I’m in Vic) but it never compares in quality and in the end, even the price. You really do get what you pay for. And I have dealt with Julie for many years and made her jump through many hoops trying to accommodate various customers I’ve had and she has come through for me every single time and it’s never a problem.

I fully recommend and so do my dogs, Loyalty Pet Treats over everyone else. My dogs are totally natural in everything we do and I wouldn’t give them something I wouldn’t eat myself. I don’t eat junk so why would I feed it to my dogs. Their lives are so much shorter than ours so we need to do it right for them from day one. Loyalty Pet Treats helps me do that.

– “Ana Car” Somerville Victoria
Paws On The Peninsula”

My dogs have been lucky enough to enjoy Loyalty Pet Treats for at least 10 years now I have two staffies one is almost 14 years old and has green lipped mussel daily and shark cartilage for her joints and pain. Instead of giving her a bi product GLM powder in her food she gets to enjoy yummy pure whole green lipped mussels as an enjoyable treat. She loves roo bits and tripe, actually pretty much whatever I give her to chew as now days she doesn’t have as many teeth, but she still loves her Loyalty treats. I need to keep a good supply of her green lipped mussels and shark cartilage as I ran out for a few weeks and I saw the difference she wasn’t a very happy or energetic dog like usual. After a week of having the treats again she was back to the energetic and playful self. I tried the treats instead of having an operation years ago for her as the vets said she needed her cruciate ligament fixed. Years later still no need for an operation. My youngest staffy is 4 in December she loves the pizzles, shark cartilage, roo jerky, pigs ears, ducks feet, roo bits and tripe you name it she will eat it. Loyalty Pet Treats are that great my friends and family give them to their dogs as well.

– “Leanne Saunders WYEE NSW”

Just wanted to let you know my order arrived today (only placed it the day before!!).  I only ever buy my dog treats from your company and sing your praises to anyone who will listen.  Both my rescue dogs came with severe skin allergies.  I have to prepare their meals myself as one is allergic to any yeast products.  I am vigilant about what they eat as any mistake can bring on severe scratching.  Your products were recommended to me by my Homeopathic Vet, so I totally trust your products (even did some research myself). I must also compliment you on your Customer Service, orders are quick and easy and I hardly hang up the phone and the Toll man is at my door delivering your amazing treats.  I cannot recommend your treats highly enough.  I will NEVER buy treats from anywhere else. My darlings just love them. Once again many thanks.

– “Leeann from Brisbane”

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