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Meal toppers have become extremely popular, especially the highly nutritional healthy meal toppers on offer from Loyalty Pet Treats. If you want to increase the palatability of your dog’s or cats food? Or are seeking out healthy ways to enhance the nutrition of store-bought kibble, tin food or a raw meal, we recommend you try our meal toppers. Our meal toppers provide an excellent add-on for a simple pure flavour enhancer.

Picky dogs & cats grow bored on the same diet, our food toppers care an affordable way for you to entice your best friend to eat.


In addition dogs & cats who are eating a bland prescription diet, or who have a loss of appetite during a medical treatment like chemotherapy need to be enticed to eat. Our meal toppers can provide that incentive.

When you sit down to dinner, you probably prefer a little variety, right? Day after day of the same mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and veggies can hamper just about any appetite, whether human or canine or feline. A diet packed with different food types can make the eating experience an enjoyable one.

If want to be more involved in the making of your pet’s food. Meal toppers can be mixed with a raw or a kibble diet. If you are a person that serves your dogs or cat a diet of only canned food try adding a meal topper.

People have become more conscious as to what they are eating; and carry this inclination over to what they are feeding their pets. Pet industry trends continue to support consumer’s desires for nutritious and delicious food, food enhancers and treats.”

Beyond the can, products with high nutrition and palatability just like Loyalty Pet Treats products including meal toppers are just what consumers are looking.

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