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Fish and Beef Crunch - (100g, 325g, 880g)

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Fish and Beef Crunch Ultra-premium, manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats. Sustainably sourced ingredients.

50% Australian beef, 50% Australian fish, no additives, no fillers, and no added flavours. Irresistibly a fantastic high protein, guilt-free, low-fat treat for pets with pancreatitis.

Made using our Exclusive NUTRIESEAL® Process. Learn more

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients


Fish and Beef Crunch ultra-premium is a low-fat treat, good health and happiness treat. Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats, you can feed your dog or cat this treat without worrying about their waste line.

  • Protein 91.6%
  • Fat 6.0%
  • Suitable for dogs with pancreatitis
  • Made from 100% Australian
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced

What are healthy dog treats?

At Loyalty Pet Treats, we don’t just make a treat for the sake of it; every pet treat we manufacture has a purpose and a health benefit of some kind. All treats we manufacture are ultra-premium quality and are healthy dog treats.

Fish and Beef Crunch ultra-premium is a tasty low-fat, high protein, grain-free treat that you can use as a training treat or a simple snack without worrying about your pet’s waste line.

What are the healthiest dog treats?

Loyalty Pet Treats are the healthiest treats; we stand alone for health and quality in just one mouthful. Our exclusive Nutrieseal® process is not a cooking process; Nutrieseal® is pure moisture extraction; there is no cooking, no denaturing. Our treats smell amazingly delicious to all humans and all pets.

  • Loyalty Pet Treats only sells the products we make.

Low-fat dog treats training treats

Fish and Beef Crunch treats are the perfect choice for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities and smaller dog breeds. Made with a blend of fish and beef lung, this highly palatable healthy, low-fat treat promotes good oral health.
Easy to break into small pieces. If you want to train your puppy right, you need a treat that will grab their attention. You also need a treat that will make learning fun. Even training your cat can be made easier with our ultra-premium treats.

Try them today https://loyaltypettreats.com.au/product-category/dog-training-treats/

Best tasty and healthy rewards

Tasty, healthy dog treats should get your pet’s attention and make your pet’s mouth water. Our Ultra-premium treats like Fish and Beef Crunch, Tasty Trainers Pure Beef, Tasty Trainers Fliver or Tasty Trainers Pure Lamb are the best tasty and healthy reward a pet can eat.

They are all nutritious food motivators a positive reinforcement for good behaviour. A treat they enjoy can inspire your pet to understand good behaviour, and you will give yummy treats.

Best freeze-dried treats

At Loyalty Pet Treats, we do not freeze dry; our Nutrieseal® drying process is a pure dehydration process with a food safety net of pasteurisation to deal with harmful bacteria, which freeze drying cannot do.

The only safe meat or freeze-dried offal treats for pets to eat are treats that have been through a process to kill any harmful bacteria before freeze drying; in most cases, this does involve cooking the product first.

Pet treats online

Buying pet treats online has become an absolute minefield. Since the onset of covid, people selling pet treats online have skyrocketed. There are so many choices online for buying pet treats. But who are you buying from, the approved and accredited manufacturer, the non-accredited home oven cooker/ bench top dehydrator, back yard Johnnie or the seller who buys from whomever they can?

Dog treats online

Buying your pet treats directly from the manufacturer gives you assurances that you cannot get from any on-seller. Buying your pet treats from Loyalty Pet Treats gives you all those assurances & more.

  • Know your manufacturer has accreditation for meat processing.
  • Know your products are manufactured locally.
  • Know your manufacturer has traceability.
  • Know that 99% of the treats are 100% Australian meats and offals.
  • Know Loyalty Pet Treats have no added preservatives, additives, flavouring, colouring, or salt.
  • Know there is no glycerin or glycerol in any of our treats.
  • Know every treat is “Ultra-Premium” quality.
  • Know every treat is a healthy treat.
  • Know your cat can eat Fish and Beef Crunch, and every other treat we make.
  • Know puppies to senior dogs can eat Fish and Beef Crunch and every one of our other treats.

At Loyalty Pet Treats, we choose not to Google a generalised nutritional analysis (Typical Analysis) on our products. Our Guaranteed Analysis is exclusive to LPT ultra-premium products at NATA registered laboratories, and our Guaranteed Analysis validates the effectiveness of our Nutrieseal® process. This Guaranteed Analysis does not apply to any other form of drying on the combination of beef lungs and fish.

1 review for Fish and Beef Crunch

  1. Liz Jackson (verified owner)

    Wonderful. Initially bought to see what the combination of fish and beef would be like. My girl loves them. Won’t touch any other treats at the moment, only these. Excellent value and totally crunchy. Don’t last long

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100g, 325g, 880g

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