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Kangaroo Tendons/Meaty - (400g, 1kg)

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Roo Tendons Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats

Kangaroo Tendons (meaty) are a great natural teeth cleaner. They are a high protein, low fat, chewy gourmet treat suitable for dogs & cats.

Made using our Exclusive NUTRIESEAL® Process. Learn more

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients


Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats. Kangaroo Roo Tendons are a great natural teeth cleaner. They are a high protein, low fat, chewy gourmet treat suitable for dogs & cats

We have the technology to do pure moisture extraction without cooking or air drying the end result is a real delicacy.

  • Our treats are dried with our exclusive Nutrieseal® process.
  • The Nutrieseal® process locks in the nutrition, flavour and aroma making them one of the most exciting pure healthy treats for your pet.

Our treats are the very best you can feed your pet. These are the highest quality Roo Tendons in Australia due to our exclusive Nutrieseal® process and are manufactured right here in Caloundra QLD.

Our Kangaroo Tendons are a high demand treat. 

100% Kangaroo that is sustainably and ethically sourced human consumption Australian meat.

  • Roo tendons will help scratch off the plaque residues and help prevent the build-up of tartar.
  • Help prevent destructive chewing behaviour as dogs like to chew out of curiosity, stress, and boredom or to stimulate teething.
  • It’s beneficial for teething puppies. Growing teeth cause pressure on the puppy’s gums, and they will experience pain.
  • Chewing Roo tendons will help relieve the pain and stimulate the growth of the teeth.
  • In addition, will toughen the gums and the teeth of the dog.
  • Dogs that eat Roo tendons will benefit from whiter teeth.
  • By chewing, it will help prevent the formation of plaque and will give a brighter smile.
  • Can offer a stimulating workout both for the body and the mind of your pet.

9 reviews for Kangaroo Tendons/Meaty

  1. Joanne Roberts (verified owner)

    Quality treats and great for keeping my boys entertained.

  2. sinclair83au (verified owner)

    I have sourced these from smoother business as well, and I prefer the loyalty over the other. The portions are bigger on the meaty end, a good long lasting treato for my large dogs

  3. nperisa (verified owner)

    would love these without the stars at the end, but still dog loves them

  4. Jacqui Clay (verified owner)

    I have bought tendons from more places than I care to count. Some are just too big with too much ‘meat’ attached and some seem overcooked and much too brittle. These are just right for my dogs who really enjoyed them and the price was reasonable.

    • Julie Coleman

      Hi Jacqui.
      We always love hearing this! We are glad your dogs are enjoying them. What breed of dogs have you got?

  5. Vivien Lee (verified owner)

    My dog likes these. His eyes light up when I take one of and wave it at him. Great for cleaning his teeth.

  6. id (verified owner)

    I have been ordering the Roo products for our small dog for a while now. I tried many different brands but the Loyalty Pet ones are the best, they don’t smell too much compared to other brands we had to throw away! Our dog loves them. The deliveries are always very quick even from Queensland to Sydney and even during the Covid 19 issues.
    I have recently received the wrong product and they replaced it for free! This is very generous given the state of our economy. I’m grateful to be able to order my dog treats from them and I would recommend them to anyone who wants pet treats. Isabelle Dickson Sydney NSW

  7. nigel (verified owner)

    Great for small and medium sized dogs and great teeth cleaner. The sinew of the tendon appears to act like flossing and really gets your dog chewing.

  8. Donna Heiner (verified owner)

    My dogs absolutely love them and they keep up the dental hygiene

  9. Heather Elliott (verified owner)

    Too much meat and not a lot of Tendons.

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400g, 1kg

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