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Our HACCP approved factory in Caloundra, QLD has the capacity to produce pet treats in wholesale quantities. Our great relationships with our suppliers (all accredited fisheries and abbatoirs) mean we can offer a consistently high quality product at wholesale volumes – something most natural treat manufacturers struggle to do.

With international quality certifications including SCI QUAL, we’re ideally placed to provide premium wholesale pet treats to both local and overseas retailers. Let us be your partner in providing ultra-premium pure and natural snacks for your customers’ pets.

The market for natural pet products

People are becoming increasingly conscious of where their food comes from and what ingredients go in to it. They’re choosing fresh and prepared foods full of Aussie grown produce, to support our farmers as well as the environment (local vs imported). They’re making themselves aware of the impact that artificial additives can have on their health. Some are proponents of ‘whole food’ diets. It’s more than just a quick choice at the supermarket, it’s a lifestyle.

With so much focus on choosing natural, it’s no wonder people are extending this to their pets. Discerning customers who choose the pure and natural option for themselves are now doing so for their pets as well. They’re now actively seeking out established brands from countries such as the US, where the market for natural pet food grew by over 30% last year according to pet food industry group stats.

How Loyalty Pet Treats products can complement your range

Provide a high-end natural treat option in your range, and you could capture a huge segment of the market that you’ve been missing out on. That’s the no.1 benefit of adding Loyalty to your range.

Our wholesale pet treats can be delivered in bulk, so you can display them in your own units to save on space and storage. Visual merchandising is easy, and there are plenty of creative options. We’re happy to help with ideas.

Ordering from us

Ordering pet treats wholesale is simple. Just give us a call to set up your account and place your first order in minutes.

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