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Big Chewy Tripe - (325g, 880g)

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Big Chewy Tripe ultra-premium, a digestible ultra-premium beef treat manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats. A satisfying treat to help clean teeth and gums as they chew. Single protein all beef treat, packed with natural vitamins and minerals.

Made using our Exclusive NUTRIESEAL® Process. Learn more

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Australian Made Pet Treats

Made in Australia from 100% Australian Ingredients

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Big Chewy Tripe ultra-premium is a winner. It is essential to feed treats that keep your dog healthy and happy. With the beneficial nutritional attributes of our Nutrieseal® processed tripe, this chew can complement your dog’s diet.

Dogs have fewer taste buds than us humans, but with a dog’s sense of smell, your dog will be thrilled and satisfied just to relax and munch away on Loyalty Pet Treats.

Is Tripe good for dogs?

Big Chewy Tripe ultra-premium is a must for dogs that love to chew; forget the old pig’s ear treat; our tripe is healthier and more delicious than a pig’s ear any day.
Tripe is an excellent choice for dogs. Jammed-packed with protein which is essential to any diet. The protein in the tripe helps build lean muscle mass and repair damaged tissues.

Big Chewy Tripe benefits for dogs?

The good bacteria in tripe is good for the gut and can improve your dog’s immune functions and help maintain the healthy microflora within the stomach. The good bacteria within the tripe can help crowd out the harmful bacteria in your dog’s gut.
Older dogs, in particular, can be prone to an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in their gut, so letting them eat tripe can benefit them and help with this imbalance.

Best chews for large dogs

Adding Big Chewy Tripe ultra-premium to your dog’s daily menu will help promote active chewing. Dogs that actively chew on a healthy, safe treat tend to have a healthier mouth and less plaque build-up.

Keeping your puppy occupied

Puppies are exciting and fun but also require a lot of hard work. Whether you are at puppy school or your puppy is adjusting to your household routine, it will need your help to settle. Puppies also need constant supervision so they don’t get into mischief. Big Chewy Tripe is a simple way to keep your puppy occupied for a period of time.

Best dog teeth cleaning chews

The varying size and shapes of Big Chewy Tripe ultra-premium make this treat an excellent choice for your dog’s dental health. Chewing on a piece of tripe will exercise his jaw, give the gums a good massage, and help remove build-up on the teeth.

Longer-lasting dog chew for crate training

Look no further if you’re looking for a great treat to leave with your pup. This longer-lasting treat is perfect for your pup. They can chew on it while they’re inside their crate, giving them something to do while they wait — and building that positive association with being locked up.

Healthy dog treats for teeth

Who wants doggy kisses with a stinky breath? A healthy mouth is a happy dog. Big Chewy Tripe ultra-premium is a digestible 100% single-ingredient treat. By helping your dog’s gut flora, you are supporting their breath.

Big Chewy Tripe is the best calming treat for stressed and dogs with anxiety

Some dogs don’t have a positive way to release their energy; they are bored, end up stressed, anxiety kicks in, and negative behaviour follows. Big Chewy Tripe ultra-premium is an excellent option to give your dog; they can safely chew, and with some positive reinforcement and training, you can teach and avoid destructive chewing behaviour.

Chewing is mental stimulation for dogs

Dogs need mental stimulation as much as they need to exercise their bodies. Chewing is an engaging activity that requires your dog to focus while they chew. Big Chewy Tripe ultra-premium is a great treat to keep your dog’s mind sharp and give them a rewarding mental workout. Keep your dog entertained with this 100% natural Australian treat that tastes amazing and will have your dog’s senses working overtime.

Big Chewy Tripe Ultra-premium

  • High protein
  • 100% Australian Beef
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced
  • Only human-edible beef
  • Made in Queensland, Australia
  • Manufactured by Loyalty Pet Treats in a Safe Food QLD accredited facility
  • No Additives, no preservatives
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • If you have a big cat, they can eat the tripe as well
  • A safe treat with no nasty bacteria

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  1. sinclair83au (verified owner)

    Really liked the bigger option, all the dogs approved

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325g, 880g

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