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This Australian Pet Treats Company Uses a Unique Processing Method

Australian Pet Treats Company

When it comes to cooking, the process of making food is just as important as the ingredients used. It is why a fresh potato ceases to be healthy once it is deep fried and turned into a french fry. The rules of cooking extend beyond food cooked for humans. The process of making Australian pet treats is as important as the ingredients used in the treats.

When you feed your pet treats, you want to know you are feeding them the best. No pet owner wants to fill her baby’s stomach with garbage. Many pet treats appear healthy, listing quality ingredients in their labels. But the process used may strip the foods of their essential nutrients, making the treats much less healthy than they appear. Our company takes a different approach.

Our Australian Pet Treats Company Makes Treats Without Losing Nutrients

Australian Pet Treats CompanyAt Loyalty Pet Treats, we are an Australian pet treats company with an unconventional approach. We start with ingredients that are genuinely 100% Australian made. We do not like the idea of shipping in pieces of food from around the world where the food sits as cargo on planes and boats for hours (or even days). Instead, we choose to use quality Australian ingredients (just as we would want for our own food).

The ingredients we use make the treats low fat and low calorie. The small bit of fat found in our treats is the good healthy kind of fat your dog needs.

Once we gather our ingredients, we use a patented production process known as Nutrieseal™. The raw meat is dehydrated. This process not only keeps the nutrients intact, but it brings out the nutritional properties tenfold. The result is a treat packed full of flavour, aroma, and nutrients.

After we dehydrate the meat, being sure to keep the essential nutrients intact, we take another important step in producing our Australian pet treats. We do not inject preservatives or additives into our pet treats. These unhealthy chemicals are great for businesses since they make the product last longer. But we do not think this financial benefit is worth putting harmful ingredients into your pet’s food.

Shop for Australian Pet Treats Easily Online

It is easy to pick up healthy treats for your pet. Simply visit our website and click on your preferred product. We ship anywhere in Australia. We also have a physical shop if you prefer to come in person and talk to our friendly staff about our products.

Our company was founded in 2007, and we are family owned with an enduring passion for pets! We understand that your pet is more than “just a pet.” He is a member of the family! Your pet gives you unconditional love and affection. You can give some of this love back in treat form with a delicious and healthy pet treat. We offer a wide selection of pet treats including chicken treats, beef treats, lamb treats, and kangaroo chews.

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