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NZ Green-Lipped Mussel, the truth

Mussel Super Food for Pets

The benefits of Mussels

Humans and pets can benefit from having fresh or dehydrated mussels in their daily diet. It is scientifically proven that mussels are a powerhouse of nutrients necessary for living a long, healthy, happy life. There are so many health benefits from consuming mussels, but do you know how the mussel was processed?

Mussels and the Nutrieseal® process

Over the years, we have conducted in-depth nutritional analysis through registered NATA laboratories on the mussels. The results from the analysis confirm how exceptional and suited our exclusive Nutrieseal® process is for dehydrating mussels and retaining all their benefits.

NZ Green Lipped Mussel compared

We hired a food scientist to conduct a study comparing our mussel analysis to other mussels labelled as New Zealand green-lipped mussels.

The study was to prove that the Chilean blue mussel was just as effective as the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. And to prove that most bivalve molluscs have similar properties.

Not surprisingly, along with the report, the scientist said, “I couldn’t get over how much conflicting data there is out there and also how websites copy data without checking where it is from and how reliable it is. Even what I would regard as reliable data was very mixed up.” This result did not surprise us at all. Copying other analyses is commonplace; this is the reason we do not display a complete analysis for others to emulate. Our analysis is our IP and is product specific.

Many businesses claim their mussels’ products are NZ green-lipped mussels when they are not. Yet it seems the NZ green-lipped mussels are the only mussel worth buying. They are everywhere.
NZ is not the largest supplier of mussels in the world, nor is the green-lipped mussel in New Zealand’s top 10 exports.

New Zealand’s polluted waters

ABC Foreign Correspondent reported, “New Zealand’s clean and green image is a dirty truth — its freshwater rivers are among the most polluted in the developed world. Last year, a government report found nearly 60 per cent of the country’s rivers carry pollution above acceptable levels, with 95 to 99 per cent of rivers in pastoral, urban and non-native forested areas contaminated.”
NZ Food Safety has regular public health warnings against collecting and eating shellfish due to Paralytic Shellfish Toxins being above the safe limit set by MPI.

It makes it easy to sell a product when all you must do is copy + paste.

New Zealand, for years, has done a fantastic job of marketing its mussels, and others have jumped on that bandwagon.

Loyalty Pet Treats don’t need to make out our mussels are from New Zealand. We don’t need to use someone else’s analysis. We have the facts, we have paid for the nutritional testing, and our reviews on our website speak for themselves.

NZ Green Lipped Mussel Powder

Some mussels are processed for their beneficial lipids. The lipids are removed from the mussel meat and then used in products such as functional foods and supplements. The remaining powdered bi-product consists of proteins, ash (mussel shell) and other bits and pieces of the green-lipped mussel. Unknown to you the mussel bi-product is sold to wholesalers who repack and brand it as premium under their label.

One Australian supplier of NZ green-lipped mussel powder is Chinese manufactured on sells in ratios of 5:1, 10:1 and 25:1.

It is then on sold as a premium product which it is not.

The Asian Green Mussel

Then we have the green mussel from Asia; it looks very similar to the NZ green-lipped mussel; it is packaged and labelled as Green Mussel. It is imported into NZ and then relabelled as made in NZ.

The truth about mussel supplements

Truthfully, you, the pet owner, will never know what you are buying as half the time, does the wholesaler really know or understand what they are buying? Wholesalers want to know what they can buy the product for and how much money they can make selling it to you.
The only way you will ever find out the truth is to ask for proof of your purchase & that your purchase is what they claim they are selling, but that will not happen. That’s why it is best to buy direct from the manufacturer.

Mussel Super Food and Mussel Super Topper

If you want honesty and integrity, buy our Mussel Super Food and Mussel Super Topper direct from the manufacturer Loyalty Pet Treats. You are guaranteed ultra-premium quality mussels with proven remarkable benefits. There is nothing taken out of our mussels before they get to you; they are 100% mussel meat, not a bi-product.

Mussel Superfood

Mussel Super Topper

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