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Looking for Lean Dog Treats that are Low Calorie and Low Fat?

Low Fat, Calorie & Lean Dog Treats

More and more people are moving to a low fat, low-calorie diet to create lean bodies that are healthier and can ward off problems such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It’s focused on in the media, schools, and workplaces. With all this emphasis on making yourself and your family healthier, why leave your pets out of the equation?

You are probably finding yourself reading more and more labels as you choose food from the shelves at the market. You’re looking for additives and preservatives, artificial colourings and flavours, and foreign ingredients. You do everything you can to keep those out of your body, and you should do the same for your pet.

Choose Quality Low Fat Dog Treats

There are many dog treats out there to choose from, but not all are created equal. Just as you read nutrition labels for yourself, do the same for your dog and be sure you are buying low fat, low calorie dog treats made from all natural lean meats. Loyalty Pet Treats has created a range of low fat, nutrient dense treats full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

Try our Lamb dog treats made from Australian grass fed and free range lamb. Lamb is known for being gentler on stomachs and is perfect for pets with intolerance to beef or sensitive stomachs. They come in Lamb Puff Crispies, Lamb Liver Morsels, and Australian Prime Lamb. If you’re looking for low fat dog treats, this is an excellent choice.

Another top rate choice in lean dog treats is our line of kangaroo and venison products. Kangaroos are the ultimate free range animal. They are harvested in their natural environment which means they are not subjected to human intervention such as chemicals, antibiotics, or growth hormones. Roo Tendons are a popular choice because they’re low in fat yet high in protein and they’re an effective natural teeth cleaner. Australian Kangaroo Jerky has only 2.5% fat.

These are just a sampling of our low fat, low calorie, lean dog treats. Be sure to check out our entire line of products, and if you have any questions, please ask. We are always willing to speak with you about products that might work best for your pet’s needs.

Purchase from a Trusted Company with Low Fat, Calorie & Lean Dog Treats

Loyalty Pet Treats is a company built on honesty and integrity. Our team is passionate about helping pet owners keep their pets healthier through the food they feed them. We are Australian owned and operated, and are the only pet treat manufacturing company with an exclusive advanced dehydration technology called Nutrieseal™. Using this technology coupled with refrigeration, we dehydrate pure lean meat at low humidity and low temperatures to produce premium low calorie quality dog treats.

We offer professional, prompt, and courteous customer service with the guarantee of a quality product you can be proud to feed to your pet. We never use additives, preservatives, fillers, or binders in our pet treats. They’re all 100% natural and healthy for your dog or cat. We ship our products Australia wide and look forward to serving you and your beloved furry friends.

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