AUSTRALIANS HARD WORKING Bluey the cattle dog here is a hard working
Australian just like us. She also supports our
Australian farmers just like we do.

We use Australian Beef, Lamb, Fish, Chicken,
Duck and Kangaroo and we manufacture all
our product right here in Australia using our
world exclusive patented Nutrieseal® process.
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THE ULTIMATE PET TREAT TASTY TRAINERS Loyalty Pet Treats are the ultimate healthy reward for pets: the ultimate in pure
natural goodness and taste. Our treats are made using our unique patented
Nutrieseal™ process to dehydrate pure lean meat at low temperatures and
humidity, thereby ensuring that the full nutritional value, natural flavours and
aromas are preserved.
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Loyalty Pet Treats are made using the unique Nutrieseal™ process to dehydrate pure lean meat at low temperatures and humidity. There is no other treat that has our qualities for nutrition, flavour and aroma. Absolutely nothing added, no additives, preservatives, salt, sugar, colouring or binding agents.


Awesome fats about healthy nutritional dog and cat treats.

We have been working together with Loyalty Pet Treats for almost 5 years now and the product they offer is of the highest quality.Loyalty Pet Treat products are a delicious and healthy snack for pets, offering a wide range of nutritional benefits.Our customers’ continually comment on the high palatability of all products, even for the most fussiest of for legged friends.Even in the highly competitive Japanese pet food market Loyalty Pet Treats stands out as a leading brand of both quality and safety.We highly recommend Loyalty Pet Treat products to any businesses or pet lovers who want the best.

Just wanted to let you know my order arrived today (only placed it the day before!!). I only ever buy my dog treats from your company and sing your praises to anyone who will listen. Both my rescue dogs came with severe skin allergies. I have to prepare their meals myself as one is allergic to any yeast products. I am vigilant about what they eat as any mistake can bring on severe scratching. Your products were recommended to me by my Homeopathic Vet, so I totally trust your products (even did some research myself). I must also compliment you on your Customer Service, orders are quick and easy and I hardly hang up the phone and the Toll man is at my door delivering your amazing treats. I cannot recommend your treats highly enough. I will NEVER buy treats from anywhere else. My darlings just love them. Once again many thanks.

My 10 year old very picky Jack Russell and 6 year old Border Collie just love their Loyalty Pet Treats. There is nothing I have bought from LPT that they have turned their noses up at – including training treats (lamb puffs/roo liver), chewy roo, roo jerky and beef pizzles, to name a few. I like to support LPT as I know their products are genuine pure low fat Australian products sourced from reputable Australian producers. They have no additives or preservatives so I can confidently feed them to my best mates knowing they will not cause any upsets.

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