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Healthy Dog Treats Online in Australia

Healthy Dog Treats Online in Australia

Do you have dogs that feel like family to you? Maybe you have a new puppy that needs training and is eager for treats to help him as he learns. Perhaps it’s an older pet whose been by your side through thick and thin that you want to reward and keep healthy lovingly. Whatever the reason you’re looking for healthy dog treats, we have what you’re looking for in our online store.

Reward Your Pet with the Best in Nutrition

At Loyalty Pet Treats, we care about your pets as if they were our own. We are committed to ensuring all our treats are healthy for your pet. The majority are low in fat, and the treats that have a higher fat content have the type of saturated fat that’s considered healthy and natural.

If your dog has pancreatitis or a sensitive stomach, you may be concerned about how treats will affect their health. Not to worry. We have treats specifically designed to help dogs with these conditions. Try our Australian Chewy Beef. It’s a low fat digestible chew made from 100% Queensland bred beef, rich in flavour and nutrition. It has 0.7% fat, which makes it excellent for dogs with pancreatitis.

For pets who have gone through chemotherapy or other medical procedures that affect their appetite, or are on a bland prescription diet, we suggest using our meal toppers. Meal toppers have become incredibly popular and are the ideal way to increase the palatability of your pet’s food and add an excellent source of nutrition into their diet. Meal toppers come in a variety of flavours and each has its own benefits.

Our Roo and Chondroitin meal topper is a mixture of low fat kangaroo meat and chondroitin. This combination promotes anti-inflammatory properties & helps to enhance immunity, making it perfect for pets with aching joints. It is high in protein, iron, zinc and low in fat. Another healthy product is our Tripe Meal Topper. It’s the closest thing to feeding a raw diet, and it’s totally digestible and 100% pure and natural. Our unbleached and untreated green tripe is lightly rinsed with hot water to eliminate bacteria and has a 78.6% protein content. Tripe is a natural probiotic containing digestive enzymes that help break down food into nutrients and is an excellent source of selenium and Vitamin B12.

We have many other healthy meal toppers made in Australia available online that can liven up meal time for your pets. Also, be sure to check out our healthy dog treats online that come in a variety of flavours.

We Have Healthy Dog Treats Online in Australia

Loyalty Pet Treats began seven years ago with an intense desire to provide healthy dog treats in Australia with ingredients owners can trust. Our products are all 100% made in Australia with locally sourced ingredients that have no fillers or foreign material. We utilise a patented process called Nutrieseal™ that essentially dehydrates raw meat to create a treat with an intense and delicious flavour and aroma. Order your pet a treat from our online store that will leave you all feeling good.

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