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How To Choose a Healthy Pet Treat

Treats are a great way for dog owners to show their pets some extra love. Some of them are made to enhance dental health, others can be used as motivation when training a dog or when you want to encourage good behaviour. Almost anything can become a treat, whether that’s a biscuit, a piece of cheese, a dog snack or a piece of meat from your own plate. Some options are better than others, and in this article we’ll find out how to choose a healthy pet treat.

When giving your dog some treats, you feel good about rewarding it and it feels good about pleasing you. And this eventually strengthens the bond between you and your puppy.

When Good Treats Become Bad

Unfortunately, many treats are high in fats, sugar and various colourings and preservatives. And this makes them a cause of weight gain, since it is can be easy to lose track of the number of treats you give your dog every day.

For example, a 10kg dog can burn around 700 calories per day. But if a large dog biscuit has 100 calories, and you give 3 per day, the calories will easily add up. Obesity can put the dogs at risk of various diseases, so if your dog has this problem you should look for low caloric treats.

How To Choose a Healthy Pet Treat

Giving your dog table scraps is also not ok, as most human food is high in fat, sugar or both. Besides adding too many calories, this can also upset your dog’s stomach. So if your dog is constantly begging at the table and it’s hard to resist, it’s better to keep it out of the kitchen when eating.

How To Choose A Healthy Pet Treat

Treats are loved and appreciated by all dogs, so you can’t simply deprive them of this pleasure. But what can you do instead? You can choose a healthy pet treat that:

– Is formulated specially for dogs, made to smell and taste great without upsetting their stomach
– Has nutrients, dental benefits or both
– Doesn’t include any added fillers, colourings or preservatives
– Is low in calories

Also make sure that your dog eats the nutritional balanced meals first, before filling up on treats. There are plenty of products to choose from, and the Loyalty Pet Treats are some of the best. All products have one (maximum 2 ingredients) and they are free of any additives. They are made through a special process that preserves the taste and all the nutrients, without the need of preservatives.

We have plenty of products to choose from, including meal toppers, tasty trainers and low fat treats. They are all made of pure meat, and we have:

– Beef
– Kangaroo
– Lamb
– Chicken
– Duck
– Sea food

Get your Loyalty Pet Treats now and your dog will be thankful!

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