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Single Ingredient Dog Treats

More and more people are conscious about what they are eating, but they are neglecting what they are giving to their dogs. Thankfully, the pet industry has made a lot of progress when it comes to healthy dog food and healthy treats. We can now find plenty of products that are free of fillers, flavours, colours and preservatives. When it comes to dog treats, simplicity is good and single ingredient dog treats are the best.

No more lists of unusual ingredients with names that you can’t even pronounce. Now you can find high quality treats that include just one thing (this is usually a type of meat or a vegetable).

Single Ingredient Dog Treats

The more moisture, the shorter the shelf life, so these treats are usually dehydrated. This way there is less processing and both the taste and the nutrients are preserved. The only down side to single ingredient dog treats is that they are a bit more expensive. But if you care about the health of your puppy, it will be worth it!

Loyalty Pet Treats

The health and well-being of dogs is our top priority here at Loyalty Pet Treats. So most of our products are made of a single ingredient. How about the others? Well, besides meat they also contain offal. That’s it! Our products will never include artificial fillers, flavours, colours or preservatives.

We are 100% Australian owned and we are built on honesty and integrity. What we do differently compared to our competition, is the way that we prepare and process the meat. We created a unique drying system called Nutrieseal™, which is also patented. This makes us the only company in the world to use this method.

Our Nutrieseal™ system sends a controlled airflow of continuously purified air over the product, extracting the moisture out of the meat. The automated low temperature control system monitors the temperatures throughout the whole process, varying so as not to denature or destroy the proteins, nutrition, flavour and aroma of the product.

This allows us to produce premium quality treats each and every time, without having to add artificial flavours, colourings, additives or preservatives. With our unique Nutrieseal™ system we can dehydrate all sorts of meats, fish, vegetables and fruits. The end results are ultimately healthy, high in protein and nutrition, flavoursome meat treats, that will make your pet smile.

Single Ingredient Dog Treats

We are manufacturers, and we only sell our own products. We never buy and resell treats from other companies. Compared to other drying methods, ours maintains the taste and all the nutrients of the meat, so your pet can be happy, satisfied about the taste and healthy on the long term.

Most of our products are single ingredient dog treats. That ingredient can be:

– Beef
– Kangaroo
– Lamb
– Chicken
– Duck
– Pure tripe
– Sea food

Check out our products now and give your beloved puppy the treats that it deserves!

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