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The Benefits of Australian Shark Cartilage for Dogs

Dogs have evolved from the grey wolf, and their entire line of ancestors have been convinced carnivores. Dogs want meat in their diet and not just any meat. They need quality meat protein that contains all the essential amino acids. Besides the common types of meat (poultry, pork and beef), dogs could benefit from unusual sources as well. Today we’ll take a look at the benefits of Australian shark cartilage for dogs.

The Benefits of Australian Shark Cartilage for Dogs

First of all, shark cartilage can make a great chew for your puppy. It is softer than bone, but harder than vegetable sources. Chewing can strengthen the gums of dogs and also clean their teeth in a natural way.

Shark cartilage is also a good source of calcium, better than vegetables or bones. Bones can be too tough on dog’s teeth, but shark cartilage is just right. It is also low on fat, making a great alternative to lamb ribs or chicken necks. Besides calcium, it also contains phosphorous and other nutrients, having the right balance.

The Benefits of Australian Shark Cartilage for Dogs

This amazing product is known for its pain relieving proprieties and people are paying good money for shark cartilage powders and other supplements. Green lipped mussels also have plenty of health benefits for pets, and they should be used along with the shark cartilage.

Here are some of the amazing products we have that contain this ingredient:

100% Australian Shark Cartilage

Made through our unique NutriesealTM process, this product preserves the taste and proprieties of fresh shark cartilage. No additives or preservatives were added, so this product is 100% natural and safe for dogs of all sizes. It was processed at low temperatures and humidity, thus preserving flavour and nutrients.

Studies have shown that it reduces the breakdown of cartilage in the joints and also repairs damaged ones. It makes a great chew for dogs of all sizes, helping them to have stronger gums and healthier teeth. Get it now at this link.

Australian Pure Chondroitin Meal Topper

Meal toppers for pets can make great additions to their regular food, providing extra taste and nutrients. This product is made of shark cartilage powder and it can have great benefits for dogs suffering of arthritis.

Studies have shown that chondroitin combined with glucosamine sulphate can slow down the process that destroys cartilage in the early stages of arthritis. Besides this, they also reduce the pain associated with this cruel health condition.

Just like all the other Loyal Pet Treats products, the Australian Pure Chondroitin Meal Topper has been made with the patented NutriesealTM process. This process preserves taste and nutrients, without the need of added preservatives, flavours or colourings.

Not all shark cartilage products are the same. Those that have been processed using air dying or cooking at high temperatures can actually destroy its amazing proprieties. Other ways of processing it include the use of vinegar to prevent mould and fungal growth, but this method also destroys its proprieties.

Let your beloved puppy chew on this delicious treat, while also helping it to prevent or cure arthritis. Get the Australian pure chondroitin meal topper at this link.

Now that you know the benefits of Australian shark cartilage for dogs, there is no reason why not to use it.

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