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What Treats Can I Feed My Rescue Greyhound?

The Greyhound is an amazing breed of dog, known for their slim bodies and incredible speed. They can run at an average speed of 64 km/h (40 mph) and can reach a top speed of 70 km/h (43 mph). They are calm and docile dogs, loyal and loving to their owners. While they are very fast, they are very lazy. Retired racing Greyhounds can live comfortable in an apartment, do not require too much space and can sleep for 18 hours per day. They are quite pretentious when it comes to food, and many retired racing Greyhounds have sensitive stomachs due to what they have ingested over the years to make them preform in a lean state. In this article you will find the answer to the question: what treats can I feed my rescue greyhound?

Complete Food Doesn’t Work for Greyhounds

While most dogs are not that pretentious or sensitive and can do well with complete foods or wet canned foods, it’s not the case for Greyhounds. Most complete dog foods have a high concentration of artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives, and Greyhounds do not tolerate them very well. This is because most of them have sensitive stomachs caused by the poor food and drugs they were given to make them run faster.


Side effects of feeding a rescued Greyhound with complete food or canned food may include:

– Diarrhoea
– Gases
– Constipation
– Weight loss
– Lack of energy
– Excessive energy
– Bad behaviour
– Sleep problems
– Loss of coat condition

What To Feed A Greyhound?

The best diet for a dog of this breed would consist of natural raw meat and vegetables. A dog’s digestive system can handle raw meat, and if it would live in the wilderness, it would survive by eating small animals, including the bones, intestines and even the fur or feathers.

So you can either prepare raw meat for your dog, or buy frozen mince that is free of any additives. Greyhounds also enjoy certain vegetables.

What To NOT Feed A Greyhound?

These are just about the same foods that should never be fed to any dog, regardless of their breed. These include:

– Chocolate (and anything containing cocoa)
– Grapes, raisins or other dried fruit
– Products containing gravy or too much salt
– Products containing Xylitol
– Alcohol
– Coffee
– Onions
– Avocado
– Cow’s milk
– Dog treats containing additives and preservatives

What Treats Can I Feed My Rescue Greyhound?

The best treats for Greyhounds are those that are free of any additives, preservatives and colourings, such as those offered by Loyalty Pet Treats. These are made through a special process that allows the company to create 100% natural treats.

Most of them have just one ingredient, and that is pure meat. The best types that would work for a rescued Greyhound are chicken, beef, fish and lamb. Get your healthy and natural dog treats now!

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