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Long Lasting Dog Chews To Keep Your Dog Occupied

Treats are very popular among dog owners and can serve multiple purposes. You can use them to train your dog, to reward it when he does a good thing or simply to keep it preoccupied so you can do your own stuff around the house. They can also help when you want to leave the house and you don’t want your dog to follow you and get all emotional about your leave. Today we’ll take a look at some of our long lasting dog chews to keep your dog occupied.

Dogs are avid chewers by nature, and if they don’t have a treat or a toy to chew on, they might try your slippers or other items around the house. Dog chews have multiple benefits, and they can help your puppy maintain a good dental health while also supplying various minerals and nutrients.

Long Lasting Dog Chews To Keep Your Dog Occupied

Some chews end up quickly while others can last for a really long time. You might think that the treat that lasts the longer is the best, but unfortunately this is not true. If the chew lasts for too long, your dog will eventually get bored with it and will bury it for later use. Here the chew will get infected with nasty bacteria which is harmful for both dogs and humans.

Long Lasting Dog Chews To Keep Your Dog Occupied

When your furry friend digs up the half rotten treat, not only you will have a nasty smell all around the house, but you and your family will be at risk of disease. So the perfect dog chew should be somewhere in the middle. It shouldn’t last for way too long, but it shouldn’t get finished too quickly either. And we have plenty of these in our store. Chewy Roo, Pizzles, Shark Cartilage, Fish Twist Chews, Duck Wings, Duck Feet are some of our top products, preferred by dog owners and loved by their furry friends.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of them:

The Chewy Roo

These are pieces of pure kangaroo meat and they are great for dogs of all ages. Their texture will help your best friend to scratch off plaque from its teeth, thus preventing cavities and tartar.

Dogs like to chew out of curiosity, stress, boredom or to stimulate teething. No matter the reason your dog is chewing, it will love the Chewy Roo. It is especially great for puppies, stimulating the growth of their teeth and also toughening the gums. And it may even help to make the teeth of your puppy whiter! Get it now at this link.

Chewy Fish Twist Chews

These treats are guaranteed to make your dog salivate and love the chewing experience. Not only that they are low in fat, but they also taste great and clean the teeth of your beloved friend. They are also suited for dogs with pancreatitis, and you can get them at this link.

Duck Wings

These chews are great for the gums and teeth of dogs, and they also come with a great taste and plenty of nutrients. They are high in protein and minerals like selenium, zinc, iron, copper, sodium and phosphorous. They also have multiple vitamins and are the only duck wings in Australia made through a unique NutrisealTM technique that preserves taste and nutrients. Other treats may have an unpleasant smell or taste of rotting meat, but not ours. Get them today by visiting this link.

Now you know some of our long lasting dog chews to keep your dog occupied. Try them now and your life will be so much better!

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