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Healthy Cat Treats in Australia that will Please your Picky Pet

If you have a hard time convincing your cat to eat typical treats, don’t blame it on them. Most cat and dog food are made with discarded animal by-products, chemicals, and other additives, making their meals “just enough” to serve the nutritional needs …read more.

Our Chicken Dog Treats Are Great for Finicky Eaters

Do you have a canine companion who is hard to please? Before you assume that your dog is snubbing your best intentions on purpose, perhaps you should investigate what is in the food and treats you are offering them. Loyalty Pet Treats offers only the …read more.

Dehydrated Meat and Liver Dog Treats with no Additives

If you are a typical pet owner, then you are probably familiar with the smell of the food that your pet eats. It is safe to assume that the aroma is less than pleasant for you and that you would be caught dead before eating some of your pet’s food …read more.

Find a Great Selection of Healthy Natural Dog Snacks

You love your dog. She is a member of the family. Every day she greets you with bubbling energy and gets you excited about the day. The highlight of her day is when you come home from work. Over the years, your pal gives you unconditional love …read more.

Purchase the Best Dog Treats Online for Your Pet

If you have dogs, then you know how much these animals can become part of the family. Our dogs sleep with us, sit next to them on the furniture, and provide us with companionship, loyalty, and love. They see us off in the morning, wag their tails …read more.

Healthy Dog Treats Online in Australia

Do you have dogs that feel like family to you? Maybe you have a new puppy that needs training and is eager for treats to help him as he learns. Perhaps it’s an older pet whose been by your side through thick and thin that you want to reward and keep …read more.

Use the Best Healthy Treats for Dogs When Training Your Pal

For dog training to work, you need a few things. You need patience for the hours of work that await you. You need enthusiasm and excitement to capture the attention of your wriggling ball of energy. You need an irresistible incentive, the best treats …read more.

Treat Your Dog to Something New with Our Kangaroo Dog Treats

Your dog lives in a world dominated by his powerful sense of smell, which is closely connected with his ability to taste and appreciate the food and treats you provide him. If you have been feeding your dog the same diet day in and out, it may be time …read more.

Looking for Lean Dog Treats that are Low Calorie and Low Fat?

More and more people are moving to a low fat, low-calorie diet to create lean bodies that are healthier and can ward off problems such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It’s focused on in the media, schools, and workplaces. With all this …read more.

What Type of Meat is in Your Dog Treats?

Do you know what kind of meat is in your dog’s favourite treats? If you purchased your treats from a supermarket or chain pet store, you might be shocked to find out that in addition to various animal by-products there are a lot of strange sounding …read more.

Natural Australian Dog Treats Online

Are you searching for natural dog treats online that you can feel comfortable giving to your pet? Is your pet tired of the standard chews you can pick up at the grocery store? Do you want to make a healthy change in your pet’s diet? There are so many …read more.

This Australian Pet Treat Company Uses a Unique Processing Method

When it comes to cooking, the process of making food is just as important as the ingredients used. It is why a fresh potato ceases to be healthy once it is deep fried and turned into a french fry. The rules of cooking extend beyond food cooked for …read more.

All-Natural Roo Chews, Healthy Kangaroo Chews for Dogs

What goes into a typical can of dog food or a dog treat? The packaging always promises the best in flavour as if they test it themselves. However, we know that our cats and dogs are usually fed the lowest quality of food-grade animal products, only …read more.


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